This Canadian winery is inviting wine lovers to ‘Open Up’ with a bottle of wine and card game to inspire meaningful conversation

TRNTO X Two Sisters Vineyards

Sisters Angela and Melissa, co-proprietors of Two Sisters Vineyards in Niagara, founded their premium winery on the principle of bringing people together.

As mothers and wives who work with their family (both literally and metaphorically – they work alongside their relatives, and their small, close-knit staff have become kin in their own right), Angela and Melissa’s approach to wine is unlike any other premium winery: the bottle is as much about the people you’re drinking it with as it is about what’s inside.

As a predominantly COVID-safe option for those eager to resume their pre-pandemic activities, winery tours saw increased foot traffic over the summer season and have given Ontario’s wine regions a welcome boost in tourism. Two Sisters Vineyards in Niagara-on-the-Lake has gained popularity as a premium offering in the area with a beautiful, Italian-inspired backdrop and a wealth of outdoor terraces and patios sprinkled throughout, making it the perfect place to enjoy award-winning wines and superior culinary experiences.

Two Sisters Vineyards introduces ‘Open Up’, the first card game designed to enhance the wine drinking experience 

After a year and a half in isolation, many Canadians have reported experiencing anxiety over a return to ‘normal life’ and reconnecting with others. As experts in the art of bringing people together, Two Sisters used the pandemic as a time to regroup and reflect on what they truly want wine lovers to experience when they uncork a bottle – opening up in an entirely new way. The Open Up card game encourages wine drinkers to create meaningful conversations, where reconnection is the name of the game, to open up to each other. Without giving too much away, this game is perfect for your next night in with friends and family. 

The card game is now available online as a gift with purchase while quantities last at using code TSVOpenUp.


Plan a visit to the winery

If you are planning a trip to the Niagara region, the vineyard is a must-visit. Whether it’s an elaborate wedding set against a gorgeous vineyard backdrop, an intimate family dinner to celebrate a milestone anniversary, a customized corporate dinner or simply a Wednesday evening where friends are coming together to catch up, the sisters prioritize a premium experience for guests. A variety of tasting options are available throughout the vineyard (check them out here). This fall they are also launching an exciting masterclass series featuring Two Sisters’ Head Winemaker, Adam Pearce, and Estate Sommelier, Dieter Unruh. To receive updates from the vineyard and invitations to all exciting upcoming events, be sure to sign up for the Two Sisters newsletter.


Enjoy Two Sisters Vineyards wine from the comfort of your home

For the committed wine drinkers, Two Sisters Vineyards offers a two-tiered wine club service –  VIP Club and Cellar240 – that gives you a mixed, six or twelve-bottle case per quarter along with exclusive privileges including complimentary tastings, special pricing on winery tours and events, unique opportunities to receive special releases and winemaker blends, and invitations to Wine Club exclusive events. For those who prefer to stay true to their favourite varietals and blends, Two Sisters also offers monthly subscriptions by which wine lovers can receive three bottles of premium rosé, red or white shipped to their door every month. 



Whether you choose to enjoy the vineyard in person or sip Unoaked Chardonnay with your family and friends at home, opening up with a bottle of Two Sisters is this fall’s can’t-miss experience.

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