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Two beautiful new bridges are officially open as part of massive Port Lands project

The stunning Cherry Street North and Commissioners Street Bridges caught the collective eye of design-savvy Torontonians ever since they were shipped over fully built in 2022. Now, at a pivotal juncture in the expansive revitalization of the Port Lands, the bridges are open and looking marvellous.

With a seamless blend of functionality and aesthetic allure, these bridges serve as the elegant gateways to the future Villiers Island, embodying the vision of a vibrant, interconnected waterfront community that was once a 500-acre swath of once-underutilized terrain.

The bridges, part of a $1.3 billion revitalization and regeneration effort, are designed by a collaborative consortium comprising Entuitive, schlaich bergermann partner (sbp), and Grimshaw Architects.

“We’re pleased to celebrate the opening of Cherry Street North and Commissioners Street Bridges, and to reflect on our rewarding and fruitful collaboration with sbp and Grimshaw, as well as our construction partners at Ellis Don,” says Michael Meschino, Principal, Entuitive. “Waterfront Toronto is one step closer to completing one of the province’s most exciting projects, and the creation of crucial infrastructure, a place to live, work and play, will be a truly remarkable transformation.”

Team members from Entuitive and Grimshaw inspect their design work on the newly opened Cherry St. North Bridge (CNW Group/Entuitive)

The bridges were designed to look similar and were made using new techniques and advanced engineering. They were meant to be both beautiful and practical, serving as places for people to cross and visit. There are four bridges altogether, including the Cherry Street North Road and LRT Bridges with one span each, and the Commissioners Street Bridge with four spans. The Cherry Street South Bridge, with three spans, was the first to open in October 2022, crossing the new Don River mouth on the west side of Villiers Island.

“The Port Lands Bridges are a prime example of how creative teams of architects, engineers, contractors, and owners can come together and design beautiful bridges,” says Michael Stein, Managing Director, sbp. “We are thrilled to contribute to the evolution of Villiers Island with bridges that serve the community both as functional infrastructure and as engaging landmarks that improve the quality of their built environment.”

The significance of the Port Lands Bridges extends beyond their utilitarian function; they serve as beacons of progress and symbols of what’s to come in the area — one of the most exciting and important developments in the city’s long history. Stay tuned.

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