Transport to a TRON universe at The Lakeview as part of Nuit Blanche

Every year, the city comes alive with a vibrant nocturnal celebration of art, culture and creativity known as Nuit Blanche. For one night only, the ordinary transforms into the extraordinary, and this year promises to be no exception.

Renowned Toronto artist Bruno Billio is set to take over The Lakeview turning it into a futuristic TRON environment that promises to dazzle the senses

From 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. beginning on Saturday, Sept. 23, diners can immerse themselves in a world where everything glows in the dark, enjoy a drink or a snack and dine fluorescently with a specially crafted Nuit Blanche menu.

“We’ve been admirers of Bruno Billio and his TRON art for quite some time,” says Fran, one of The Lakeview’s owners.  “Just the way the diner presents, we think that the transformation into a ‘TRONNED’ environment will be pretty fantastical.”

Bruno Billio is an interdisciplinary sculptor,  installation artist and designer, known for pushing  boundaries. His immersive installations and innovative visuals challenge conventions. Billio’s work blurs reality and imagination, transporting viewers to unique realms with a focus on light and space. He’s renowned for creating captivating, sensory-rich environments featured in global galleries and events.

Inspired by the iconic science-fiction film, this immersive experience at The Lakeview promises to transport visitors into the digital world.


When it comes to the menu, you can count on all the diner’s favourites like burgers, chicken fingers, poutine and an all-day breakfast option, the turbo sandwich. And to add to the immersive experience, there will be glow-in-the-dark jello shots, as will the plates the food is served  on to the waitstaff to match the whole TRON vibe.

While walk-ins are welcome, Fran suggests reserving your spot and most importantly, arriving on time.

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