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Toronto’s top 5 must-try ice cream flavours this season

If the weather isn’t a clear enough hint, we’re now in the prime of ice cream season. Toronto is home to some incredible ice cream spots, and there’s a slew of exciting new flavours to try!

Here’s a rundown of the latest spots and their tempting ice cream creations.

Super Serve


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Soft serve is back in season at Super Serve! From the classic chocolate vanilla twist to rotating vegan flavours, this spot at the corner of Dundas and Kensington Ave., has something for everyone. Monthly features include creative combos like Earl Grey and hibiscus twist with pineapple compote and cornflake pretzel crunch! New to their 2024 menu is the cookie serve: the same delicious soft serve with the addition of an in-house made chocolate chip cookie. Pictured is vanilla soft serve with salted caramel sauce and a chocolate chip cookie.

Ruru Baked


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Luanne Ronquillo started Ruru Baked six years, selling (and selling out of) pints of delicious custard-based ice cream, before opening the first brick-and-mortar location at Bloor and Lansdowne. For those not in the ice cream know, custard-based ice cream — also known as French style — is denser and creamier than regular ice cream, which usually tends to be more on the lighter and airier side. The menu now boasts more than 70 unique and delicious flavours, featuring outlandish combinations that work remarkably well. New on the line-up this year is Vegan Tofu Fa: inspired by the traditional Chinese dessert, this vegan soy milk ice cream is swirled with  brown sugar ginger syrup; Choco Caramel Crunch a gluten-free dark chocolate ice cream with luscious caramel swirls and crunchy/melty bits of sponge toffee. Sticky Toffee Cake: brown sugar ice cream dotted with rich brown sugar date cake and extra sticky toffee sauce; and Sea Salt + Gianduja: lightly salted sweet cream blended with velvety gianduja, a decadent mix of hazelnut and chocolate inspired by travels to Italy.

Good Behaviour


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If it want enough that Good Behaviour is serving up some of the best sandwiches in the city their ice cream earns high praise too. You have just a few more weeks to grab their flavour of the month, Afternoon tea, a delicious blend featuring Earl Gray ice cream infused with morsels of buttery lemony scone with accents of candied orange peel. Also until the end of the month take advantage of the shops Ice Cream Happy Hour where you can indulge in a kiddie scoop in a cup or sugar cone Monday to Friday, between 3 to 5 p.m. for only $2!

Daigyo Café


Daigyo Café, the beloved Japanese dessert haven While their matcha soft serve ice cream, renowned for its remarkably creamy and smooth texture, remains a favourite, the shop now offers an exclusive treat:  jasmine white peach ice cream — perfect for a hot summer’s day.

Honey’s Ice Cream


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At Honey’s, their latest ice cream creation, Moon Mist, is stirring up mixed reactions. Dubbed a “kids’ Neapolitan,” this new flavour swirls bubble gum, banana, and grape ice cream for a playful eating experience. Naturally dyed with grapes, turmeric and blue spirulina, it’s worth a try next time you swing by!

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