Toronto’s most inspiring women of 2021: Noura Sakkijha

Our annual showcase of the city’s most inspiring women who have led by example, achieved against all odds and made this city and this year special.

The Entrepreneur

Noura Sakkijha, CEO and co-founder of Mejuri, has flipped the jewelry industry on its head with her popular jewelry brand that has taken over Instagram. Celebrities and influencers alike have been spotted sporting countless classic pieces from the company, and the brand continues to expand – Mejuri opened their first international store in London in September of this year. Noura is a shining example of what it takes to lead a Canadian brand to success, building her company around values that matter.

By Nadine Spencer | CEO, BrandEQ Group

When I think of Noura, I think of brilliance, community, innovation and inspiration.
I had the privilege of meeting her while serving as the president of the Black Business and Professional Association. She came to us with a full heart, and her company generously donated to the BBPA National Scholarship Fund. I admired how much Noura gave of herself to support the work and dreams of the students. She spent hours sifting through the applications and getting to know each student.

Noura wanted to give opportunities to students who demonstrated purpose and the self-motivation to face down challenges and create their own stories.

Her support also included unique scholarships so that the students didn’t have to dehumanize themselves to get funding. It was clear to me that she is deeply in touch with her humanity.

Noura also showed up to present an inspiring talk to the 108 students who graduated that year. She later attended the BBPA’s Boss Women entrepreneurship training, where she shared her own story. She held nothing back, telling about the challenges, trials and, ultimately, the rewards she encountered on her path to becoming a woman in power.

Ultimately, I see Noura as the ideal example of what a professional woman should be — empathetic, generous, inspired and inspiring, a team player and a natural leader and, most importantly, passionate about all that she does.

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