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Toronto’s most inspiring women of 2020: Sasha Exeter

For our annual showcase of the city’s most inspirational women, we are highlighting the outstanding achievements and barrier-breaking accomplishments of Black women in Toronto.

The Influencer

Sasha Exeter is a former elite athlete turned social media influencer and entrepreneur who works with brands such as Ela handbags, Joe Fresh and Activia among many others. Her work can be found on her personal website at, where she covers all topics from fitness to motherhood and more. Exeter has used her platform to address anti-Black racism in Toronto and beyond, and also to promote Black-owned businesses. 

By Carly Burnett | FOUNDER, TKEES

Having been friends with Sasha for over 20 years, I can unequivocally state, “What you see is what you get.” And if I was pressed to sum Sasha up in one word, it would be “genuine.”

Always a “we” person, Sasha’s approach, both on and off the camera, is always focused on the collective as opposed to the individual. Her willingness to open her personal world up to everyone is merely a reflection of that.

When Sasha speaks, her words resonate in a way few others can. They wake you up, inspire you and open your eyes to things you might otherwise dismiss. In short, when Sasha speaks, people listen.

Sasha is willing to put herself out there without fear of criticism. Sasha’s opinion matters and her friends, family and community have all taken notice. Undaunted by the challenges of being a single, working mother, Sasha meets us all, without fail, every day and inspires us to share our point of view, work harder and to take care of ourselves so we can take care of those around us.

I thanked Sasha the other day for something she did, only for her to reply, “We’re in this together.” In that moment it struck me — online or offline with Sasha — we’re all in this together, experiencing things together, with her as our guide.

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