Toronto’s most inspirational women of 2019: Huda Idrees

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The techpreneur

Huda Idrees is the founder and CEO of Dot Health


Technology is disrupting every industry in the world, and few are as daunting to tackle as health care. But Huda Idrees, founder and CEO of Dot Health, isn’t deterred by the challenge.

Huda recognized there was no modern solution available to not only track personal health and medical moments, but also understand it. After watching a friend’s father and his family struggle to manage health treatments and information following a late-stage cancer diagnosis, she launched Dot Health.

Overhauling health care is a problem companies like Apple, Google, Amazon and Facebook are trying to crack with much bigger budgets and markedly less success. Not one to be deterred, Huda’s journey growing Dot Health has been admirable. From working with hospitals across Canada to partnering with retail giant Shoppers Drug Mart, the Dot Health team is empowering Canadians to take control of their health.

To do all of this, Huda needs an incredible team, and she’s made a concerted effort to build a company culture that’s diverse and inclusive. The team values competition, autonomy and humility, all important motivators to create the better, more equitable health-care system Dot Health is championing.

One of the things I’m most impressed by is Huda’s commitment to growing a global company here in Toronto. Too many entrepreneurs think too small as a Canadian company, but not Huda. She knows we have the talent to build companies not just in health care, but finance, food and more. I can’t wait to see what she does from here.

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