Toronto’s most inspirational women of 2019: Caitlin Cronenberg

Our annual look at Toronto’s record-breaking, change-making and all around amazing women

The photographer

Caitlin Cronenberg’s photography book ‘The Endings’ was optioned for TV


Caitlin and I met through mutual friends because I wanted to do a photo shoot at my grandparents’ amazing time capsule of a place in Toronto.

We had this awesome first day, had a ton in common, and really she’s been one of my best friends since then. We have a similar esthetic and love of the same weird films and all those things.

The place we initially connected was through creativity and a passion for the type of work. She is someone who just throws out these amazing ideas, and I’m like, “Where did you even come up with that?” She’s very creative. And very smart.

I think what I really admire about her is how she hustles. She works harder than anyone I know — whether it’s shooting the celebrities, working on our book [The Endings], having her first gallery show this year or even the directing she’s gotten into more recently (Yes, including the project with Billie Eilish). Even when we were trying to get actors [to feature in] our book, she would go as far as offering to bake pies for them. She balances a lot of things in a way that I really admire.

I’m also a mom, and she is one of those people that makes it look really easy. Secretly, I think she might be a superwoman and not sleep.

But the Caitlin I know isn’t just about work. It’s also about her compassion and her kindness. She really cares about the important stuff: children, family and relationships.

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