Celebrity chefs pick the best Peking duck in Toronto in time for Asia’s most important festival

To celebrate Lunar New Year, taking place on Jan. 22, chefs Anna Chen and Anthony Rose sample one of the day’s most popular dishes — Peking duck. Served wrapped in a pancake or atop a lettuce cup, the dish is known to bring an abundance of good luck.

Winner (pancake): Peking Man

Anthony: “The duck is flavourful and nice and crunchy, and the pancake is nice and thin. I like the addition of the cucumber and the scallion.”
Anna: “I feel it could be crispier, but overall the flavours are well-balanced.” 4300 Steeles Ave. Epekingman.ca $55

Winner (lettuce wrap): Lai Wah Heen

Anna: “Very generous portion and beautiful presentation.”
Anthony: “Very pretty. It’s moist and has just the right amount of sauce. I like the simplicity of the flavours and I can really taste the duck.” 108 Chestnut St. laiwahheen.com $88


Anthony: “The lettuce is a little awkward in terms of its shape, and it’s a bit hard to pick up. I like the
addition of the mango.”
Anna: “The duck is nice and chunky, and it’s got a bit of spice, too, which gives it some heat, which I like!” 220 Laird Dr. taobistro.ca $76


Anna: “I got a really nice portion of duck in the pancake, and the skin is nice and crispy.”
Anthony: “It’s spiced a little too heavily, but I like the chunkiness of the duck.” 69 Yorkville Ave. dynastyyorkville.com  $79.95

Chi Dim Sum

Anna: “There’s lots of flavour in this dish, and the duck is nicely cooked.”
Anthony: “I like the duck on this one, very sweet, but not overcooked, and you can really taste the spices that have been used.” 2425 Yonge St. chidimsum.ca $65


Anna: “The presentation is pretty, and the lettuce wrap is nice and fresh. The fried noodle adds a nice crunchy garnish, but it’s lacking in flavour.”
Anthony: “Presentation-wise the lettuce is gorgeous, but I agree with Anna, more flavour is definitely needed here.”
808 York Mills Rd. kwan-dimsum.com $68