These T.O. YouTubers just collabed with Sophie Grégoire Trudeau & Jill Biden

A new collab just dropped, and it’s arguably bigger than Drake and The Weeknd. Toronto-based YouTubers called The Sorry Girls are known for their lifestyle, home design, thrifting and makeover videos that regularly rack up hundreds of thousands of views. But their most recent video released on Tuesday was more in the realm of political diplomacy — they sat down with Mme. Sophie Grégoire Trudeau and First Lady Dr. Jill Biden to discuss how they each make their historic residences feel like home.

The video marks the first joint YouTube creator collaboration for Grégoire Trudeau and Biden, and it’s pretty exciting that they chose these Toronto creators to do it!

The Sorry Girls get their name from the classic Canadian overly-apologetic stereotype, and the brand was originally founded by Becky Wright and Kelsey MacDermaid in 2010 before Rachael Nyhuus joined in 2021.

“It was a once in a lifetime experience to not only meet The First Lady and Mme. Grégoire Trudeau, but also to collaborate with them on a video, and share stories on the importance of creating spaces that are welcoming and feel communal,” says MacDermaid, who sat down with Biden and Grégoire Trudeau in the video alongside junior producer Rochelle Gracey. “They were both so open and honest, and gave us a peek into how they build comfortable spaces for themselves and loved ones to recharge and reconnect.”

Grégoire Trudeau and Biden shared their design tips and talked about how they’ve approached making their historic homes, the Rideau Cottage and The White House, respectively, their own.

The pair both said they have pieces in their home passed down from ancestors and family members when MacDermaid asked whether they decorate their homes with secondhand or thrifted pieces — including a desk that belonged to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s father, Pierre Trudeau, from when he was prime minister.

Grégoire Trudeau referred to her and Trudeau’s three children and explained how she designs the space is impacted by having young kids. “As long as there’s comfy spaces, places to cuddle, places to tumble on the ground . . . our surroundings have to reflect our values,” she said.

Biden said she draws on the five senses when designing a space, noting that she has a scented candle by the front door so that visitors immediately have a positive reaction when they enter the space. Grégoire Trudeau agreed, saying she lights a candle and puts on music every morning as part of her routine.

The video is available to watch on The Sorry Girls’ YouTube channel — since posting it this afternoon, it’s already at over 7,000 views.

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