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Toronto Vintage Finds: Retro pieces from the ’40s, ’50s and even the 1800s at Mama Loves You Vintage

True to its namesake, Mama Loves You Vintage is owned by a passionate mother-daughter duo with a shared love for rare vintage pieces. Melo and Mahro Anfield first launched the shop in 2012 with a somewhat minimalist, conservative approach, but have since evolved to display the bright and fanciful esthetic they both gravitate towards naturally.

“We’re both maximalists,” Mahro says. “We have the same taste — more is more. I think when we first opened, we weren’t sure if that was what people wanted, so we took a more minimalist approach. Then as the years went by, we started making the shop more of a reflection of our styles, so it’s fun and pink and there’s more of a sense of humour to it.”

With Melo living in Vancouver and Mahro running the shop in Toronto at 541 Queen St. W., their shared vision ties them together while on opposite sides of the country. Mahro says they don’t typically source pieces with brand names as a top concern, instead prioritizing cut and quality, as well as the story behind an item.

“I definitely love the history of fashion, I’m a big history nerd,” she says. “There’s so much to learn, just when I think I know a little bit I’ll find a piece and get sucked into a wormhole. I love what the clothes teach me.”

Each piece Melo and Mahro select for the shop is unique, one-of-a-kind and speaks volumes about the era from which it originates. Here are five recent standout pieces from Mama Loves You Vintage.

1890s Victorian calico top and skirt set

mama loves you vintage

Looking for the perfect cottagecore getup that would make Queen Victoria herself green with envy? Look no further than this skirt and top set dating back to the nineteenth century, complete with feminine details like a dainty floral pattern and puffed shoulders. It is available for $750.

1960s/70s Levi’s big E embroidered denim jacket

With its colourful stitch work and “Class of ‘75” emblem on the back, this embroidered denim jacket from early 1971 perfectly encapsulates the hippie era. Pair it with your favourite summer mini dress for a groovy look. It is available for $200.

Japanese border print novelty skirt

This colourful number was sourced from a film set warehouse, Mahro says. With its intricate detailing and bright hues, this beautiful, printed skirt would make for the ideal statement piece this summer.

1950s black and gingham halter swimsuit

mama loves you vintage

Dating back to the 1950s, the cut of this swimsuit and the subtle gingham detailing will help you channel your inner Marilyn Monroe and stand out from the crowd on the beach this summer. It is available for $125.

1940s rare four-piece summer set

This rare four-piece summer set dating back to the late 30s/early 40s is Mahro’s favourite piece on the shop’s website currently. Purchased from a costume house, the set comes with a teddy, skirt, jacket and a belt all in the same jaunty striped pattern.

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