Toronto traffic

Toronto is one of the worst cities on the planet for traffic, according to report

In case anyone is wondering, yes Toronto traffic is bad. Not just shoulder-shrug bad, but the third-worst-city-for-traffic-on-the-planet bad; worse than Los Angeles bad.

In a recent global assessment of traffic conditions conducted by the TomTom Traffic Index, Toronto emerged as the third most congested city out of 387 cities worldwide. The study, encompassing cities across 55 countries and 6 continents, sheds light on Toronto’s escalating traffic challenges.

The worst day for travel in Toronto was determined in the study to be Nov. 30, 2023. A day that saw an average travel time of 33 minutes for a 10-km journey. This marks a 50-second increase in average travel time within the city. For those navigating rush hour traffic, TomTom states that the the financial toll on gas car commuters amounts to a staggering $743.

Moreover, Toronto residents collectively lose an annual average of 98 hours in rush hour traffic, yes four full days. The environmental repercussions are not pretty either with rush hour traffic contributing to the emission of 1002 kg of CO2 – a quantity equivalent to what 100 trees absorb in a year.

Comparatively, Vancouver, the nearest Canadian city in the ranking, was ranked in the 32nd position.

The TomTom Traffic Index evaluates cities based on various factors such as average travel time, fuel costs, and CO2 emissions. The findings aim to provide valuable insights for drivers, pedestrians, city planners, and policymakers grappling with traffic challenges on a daily basis.

The data used for the Traffic Index is collected through floating car data (FCD), drawing from various sources and covering a vast distance of 551 billion kilometers. The results offer a comprehensive view of how traffic conditions have evolved globally throughout 2023.

A separate study, conducted last year, had similar findings.

Of course, with Toronto investing in bicycle infrastructure and new transit lines coming online and others under construction, perhaps this is the wake-up call commuters need to find a better way to get to work. Just sayin’.

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