Here is where tobogganing is permitted after city bans activity in 45 areas

Toronto’s winter thrill-seekers are in for a bitter chill this season as the city declares a ban on tobogganing at a staggering 45 parks, leaving only 29 designated hills scattered across the city for those interested in taking up the great, and absolutely free, winter pastime.

The decision, ostensibly based on safety considerations, dictates that only the approved hills provide a clear path from the summit to the base without obstacles. Regular inspections promise to uphold these standards, ensuring that the authorized toboggan havens are free of any potential hazards.

City officials have emphasized the need for sledders to adhere to safety guidelines, which include the mandatory use of helmets, avoidance of loose clothing, and supervision of children. While safety is undoubtedly paramount, the stark reality of such an extensive ban is leaving a bad taste in the mouths of many a winter-loving Torontonian.

In 2017, the city rolled out a toboggan hill inspection program with the mandate to enhance safety at “highly-used” hills. However, this program seems to have morphed into an outright prohibition.

Who knows if anyone will actually be fined if they dare sled down a prohibited hill, but maybe the ban would at least relieve the city of some sort of liability of someone crashes.


For those looking to avoid the toboggan police, here is the list of approved slopes.

  1. Adams Park – 2 Rozell Rd., Scarborough
  2. Bickford Park – 400 Grace St., Toronto
  3. Birchmount Park – 95 Birchmount Rd., Scarborough
  4. Bridlewood Park – 445 Huntingwood Dr., Scarborough
  5. Burnett Park – 352 Burnett Ave., North York
  6. Byng Park – 299 Pharmacy Ave., Scarborough
  7. Cedarvale Park – 443 Arlington Ave., York
  8. Centennial Park (Etobicoke) – 165 Centennial Park Blvd., Toronto
  9. Charlottetown Park – 65 Charlottetown Blvd., Scarborough
  10. Cornell Park – 18 Beran Dr., Scarborough
  11. Fairmount Park – 1725 Gerrard St. E., Toronto
  12. Glendora Park – 201 Glendora Ave., North York
  13. Glen Stewart Park – 351 Glen Manor Dr., Toronto
  14. Graydon Hall Park – 215 Graydon Hall Dr., North York
  15. Greenwood Park – 150 Greenwood Ave., Toronto
  16. L’Amoreaux Sports Complex – 100 Silver Springs Blvd., Scarborough
  17. Linus Park – 125 Seneca Hill Dr., North York
  18. Milliken Park – 4325 McCowan Rd., Scarborough
  19. Murison Park – 99 Murison Blvd., Scarborough
  20. North Bendale Park – 40 Erinlea Cres., Scarborough
  21. Riverdale Park East – 550 Broadview Ave., Toronto
  22. Riverdale Park West – 375 Sumach St., Toronto
  23. Seneca Hill Park – 620 Seneca Hill Dr., North York
  24. Thomson Memorial Park – 1005 Brimley Rd., Scarborough
  25. Weston Lions Park – 2125 Lawrence Ave. W., Toronto
  26. Willesden Park – 88 Willesden Rd., North York
  27. Withrow Park – 725 Logan Ave., Toronto