This Toronto-based company will get you a head start on your fall cleaning

Streets of Toronto x Toronto Shine Cleaning

We’re approaching the midway point off fall and for most, the whirlwind of life has yet to slow down. Fall is a time for serenity, giving you the opportunity to enjoy smells of pumpkin spice, watching leaves fall and enjoying seasonal treats from your favourite bakeries. The last thing you want is to be stuck in home, cleaning up after yourself, your kids and everyone in between.

Enter Toronto Shine Cleaning. TSC is a Toronto-based cleaning company that provides reliable and consistent cleaning services to customers all across the city. Their highly trained cleaning crew provide an incredible cleaning service that leaves only a single trail: excellency.

Take a glance at the countless five-star reviews on Google. Todd Fairfax was able to have his fridge saved by the TSC team, saying, “I thought I was going to have to replace my refrigerator, but now it looks like new. Everything is sparking clean and there is a wonderful, fresh smell as well!”

Their team maintains a high level of communication, which is concise and clear at all times. The company’s founder, Elinalda, understood that the cleaning industry lacked a certain standard of customer support. Due to this, her cleaning service has made it their duty to resolve these problems one job at a time, slowly growing itself into a trustworthy, no-nonsense team. Her employees are background-checked prior to joining, and are offered fair wages by Elinalda.

Toronto Shine Cleaning offers a multitude of cleaning options. Their most basic is the regular cleaning at the house, before moving into specialty cleanings like deep cleans, moving cleans, office cleaning, post-construction cleaning and turn-over cleaning. During the process, cleaners can use eco-friendly products upon request!

Customers can book services online where they will receive an initial quote, book their subsequent cleaning online and pay through a secure and safe payment method. Feel free to include “Streets of Toronto” in the special instructions field when booking! It’ll help you save a cheeky 10 per cent off your service. Services are entirely insured and bonded, ensuring that your satisfaction is guaranteed!

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