Toronto schools disappoint in recent world university rankings

Toronto’s universities didn’t quite make the honour roll when it comes to global  rankings.

Today, the Center for World University Rankings unveiled the 2023 edition of its World University Rankings — which includes 2,000 post-secondary institutions out of nearly 20,000 schools worldwide — and unfortunately Toronto, didn’t crack the top ten — or even the top 20 for that matter.

In order to determine the rankings, a whopping 62 million outcome-based data points were analyzed, taking into account four crucial factors: education quality, faculty experience, employability and research prowess.

A total of 40 Canadian universities made the list with the University of Toronto taking top position for Canadian schools. Landing 23rd on the list, U of T  dropped in quality of education, faculty and employability compared to last year’s rankings.

Montreal’s McGill University took 26th place, while the University of British Columbia dropped two places landing in the 51st spot.

Other Canadian schools to make the list include the University of British Columbia, which dropped two spots, landing in 51st place, Montreal University in spot 122 and  McMaster University, which ranked in the top 200 — nabbing the 174th spot.

York University dropped from 433rd place in 2022, to 451th position.

The lowest ranked Canadian University? The University of Winnipeg which landed in spot 1975.

In total,  the ranking of 27 Canadian Universities have declined, due to “increasing pressure from well-funded universities from around the world,” said Dr. Nadim Mahassen, President of the Center for World University rankings. “Funding to further promote the development and reputation of Canada’s higher education system is vital if the country aspired to be more competitive on the global stage.”
So which university took top spot? That honour went to Harvard University, which earned a perfect score of 100, followed by Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Stanford University and the University of Cambridge, while Oxford  University nabbed fifth spot.
For the full list of rankings, click here.

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