Toronto says goodbye to the iconic Neon Demon Studio

Neon Demon Studio is closing their doors on March 20 after almost five years of success in Toronto.

The film and photo studio has become a Toronto classic for photographers, musicians and creatives alike.

With over 50 neon signs, a colourful aesthetic and various scenes to utilize, Neon Demon Studio grew quite the reputation within the creative community – both in Toronto and around the world. “When I spoke of the studio to other photographers during my time visiting South Korea, they already knew all about it,” recounts the owner, Jon Simo, on their website.

Photo Courtesy: Neon Demon Studio
Simo is making the move out of Toronto all the way out to the west coast in British Columbia, pursuing his passion of helping creators grow in their trade – something he certainly knows a lot about. Simo found Neon Demon’s studio space in 2018, and spent six months transforming it into what it is now. He scoured Craigslist, estate sales, eBay and junkyards for neon signs. “I would even walk into storefronts and ask if their neon was for sale,” Simo said.
As a whole, the collection screams cyberpunk and dystopian, carrying a certain vibrancy within the darkness. When all but one set of lights are turned off in the studio, it’s incredible to see just how illuminating each set of signs are on their own. Props including a variety of crystal prisms allow photographers and videographers to really tap into their creativity and achieve their vision for whatever project it is they’re working on.
Various pieces have come to the studio since their launch in 2018 and were from iconic signs around the city. Most notably, the giant “F” and “U” neon signs originate from Dundas Square’s old Future Shop sign.
The studio has been the backdrop for countless artists, including Toronto artist Sickick’s 2018 video for the release of No Games and a special promo video for Shawn Mendes’ performance at the MMVAs, where you can see neon signs glowing behind him.
Shawn Mendes at Neon Demon Studio
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Simo and his team are hoping to sell the collection as a whole. To inquire about the collection or book in one last session, visit