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  • With a closing time at 4 a.m, Rol San is available practically around the clock for dim sum fanatics. The restaurant eschews dim sum carts and makes everything to order, ensuring freshness with every little bamboo-covered dish that comes out of the kitchen and into the remarkably cavernous dining room. It’s minimally decorated, with thin

  • 2 Swatow

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    The best time to go to Swatow is late on a Friday or Saturday night, when the room is packed with the after-drinks crowd, and servers effortlessly glide around large, circular tables refreshing waters, refilling teapots and laying heaping plates of fried rice and glistening General Tao chicken on plastic-covered tables. A good time to

  • Szechuan Legend

    This Richmond Hill establishment might not seem like much to the naked eye, but the bare bones interior is made up for in full by the extreme Szechuan spice and bold flavours. Szechuan Legend is located in Commerce Gate, a plaza that’s lined with one Chinese restaurant after another. Being surround by competition, you would

  • Tao offers an authentic northern Chinese experience right in the heart of Toronto. The difficult growing seasons in China’s north, which is marked by cold winters and blistering hot summers, means that residents have to make use of limited ingredients to produce hearty meals. Foods from the region emphasize the use of herbs and spices

  • For a restaurant that’s been around forever, Taste of China still surprises its enthusiastic clientele of late night diners. The seafood is a focal point (apparent by the live lobsters hanging out in the tanks in the back), but ardent regulars come back for the mix of unapologetic Cantonese flavours in dishes ranging from chop

  • Tracy Dessert

    Growing up at a Chinese dinner table, dessert was always a hard sell. The go-to for most restaurants is a red bean soup. Beans? For dessert? You’re furrowing your brow skeptically and my eight-year-old self would be in complete agreement but today, I’m a defender that Asian dessert doesn’t deserve the bad rap that it often gets.

  • Wasabi honey ice cream anyone? It might sound strange, but at Wong’s Ice Cream it’s one of their best selling flavours. Ed Wong, the one-man operator and owner behind Wong’s Ice Cream is serving up Asian-inspired ice cream flavours that take this frozen dessert to a whole new level. Wong’s is a small shop with

  • Toronto’s love for ice cream lives on, from the charcoal variety to the confection-topped kind we just can’t get enough. Cue Wong’s Ice Cream, located at Gerrard and Broadview.

  • Wuhan Noodle 1950

    Wuhan Noodle 1950 brings an eclectic list of authentic and contemporary Chinese dishes to Markham. Dishes include Wuhan dry rice noodles, spareribs, lotus root soup and crab feet dry noodles.        

  • xango

    Peru and Japan meet Uruguay, Vietnam, and Thailand on the same plate at one of King West's most creative entries

  • yunshang rice noodle

    The largest Chinese rice noodle chain in North America, with locations throughout the GTA, Vancouver, Montreal and now New York, Yunshang Rice Noodle specializes in “Crossing the Bridge” noodles. According to a popular fable, this dish was invented by the wife of a scholar who had to cross a bridge each day to bring him