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  • Guided by the mantra “too many options is a prison,” The menu at Cops is simply drip coffee and hot mini-doughnuts that are made fresh from scratch every day. Although the doughnuts have two regular flavours — cinnamon sugar and Cops’s own glaze — and a rotating weekly special, Cops has partnered with a multitude

  • With three locations across Toronto, this Vietnamese cafe was established as an eatery in 2016 and brings coffee from Asia to the streets of Toronto. Signatures include the traditional, Vietnamese-style drip espresso as well as the egg coffee, both which have been popular for those who have been to Vietnam and fans of strong coffee.

  • Offering an origin-based approach to coffee, De Mello Palheta is one of Toronto’s favourite coffee shops plus roastery. The industrial chic space in midtown welcomes guests in with a colourful mural on the exterior and is adorned with a cluster of umbrellas inside, on the ceiling. There is no bad luck here, though, as the

  • Dineen Coffee Co. sits pretty at the corner of Yonge and Temperance. On the street level of the Dineen building, which was once the famous W. and F. Dineen Co., this coffee shop takes us far from the era of thousand dollar T-shirts and back to a time where regal luxury reigned supreme. Marble covered

  • Il y a un world to discover at Douce France, the French café and small grocery destination on the Danforth. Be greeted in either language by the bilingual staff and peruse the curated selection of imported goods while the likes of Edith Piaf or Charles Aznavour plays in the back. Those who seek the absolute

  • Duo patisserie is a chic Markham bakery that specializes in viennoiseries, cakes and chocolates. It is a French-inspired cafe with a Japanese flare. The must-try item here is the croissant which comes in the traditional form, as well as pain au chocolat, almond, chocolate almond, roast beef, ham and cheese, salami and cheese, and a

  • This Japanese café is something out of the ordinary; in fact, there is nothing ordinary about it. Eative mixes the traditional Canadian breakfast with edgy Japanese cuisine and a splice of an espresso bar all in one. On top of the extensive list of ice creams and soft serves, this café dishes out eclectic menu

  • Take a trip throughout Latin America without leaving Queen West at El Almacen. This cafe specializes in mate, a earthy tasting drink made from the yerba mate, a species of holly. The drink, which at El Almacen is served in a gourd and drank through a filter-tipped metal straw called a bombilla, is ubiquitous in

  • This coffee shop/bakery has been playing retro tunes and baking some of the city’s best oatmeal cookies for over 16 years. Ella’s Uncle oozes cool. When you walk into the vibrant café, the lime green walls and black and white tiles entrance you and make you feel as if you’ve stepped back in time. Wafts

  • Empire Espresso is a cosy little coffee shop with plenty of sweet treats right in the heart of Little Italy. This queer-owned business is dishing out customizable bean blends and in-house baked goods like gingersnaps, rosemary lemon shortbread cookies, blackberry and lavender biscuits, plus so much more. Empire Espresso has a bright and airy colourful

  • At Ethica Coffee Roasters, every cup of coffee embodies four integral values that define the essence of the establishment. The first two values, ethics and quality, are interwoven, as Ethica takes great pride in sourcing only delicious, sustainable coffee that has been produced in verifiably safe ways. The coffee is skillfully served by a team

  • With seven years in the coffee business under his belt and having placed second overall in the Canadian Eastern Regional Barista Championships last year, Sameer Mohamed has got coffee boiled down to a science. And as every good scientist knows, the proof is in the numbers. A major variable in brewing, according to Mohamed, is temperature – hence the name of his new cafe, Fahrenheit Coffee, opened earlier this week on The Esplanade.

  • These days, Torontonians seem to be paying attention to Denmark’s most recognizable sandwich, the smørrebrød. Bloordale’s Karelia Kitchen is the main player, and earlier this summer Cava did a Denmark-inspired pop-up that showcased the open-faced sandwich. Meanwhile, Fika — a recent, more permanent addition to Kensington’s culinary scene — keeps things classic with its take on the ’wich ($7.50).

  • Full Stop Cafe is a Junction favourite for many reasons. First, a massive back patio that has room for everyone, their friends and their friends’ mothers. Inside, there’s room for even more. But at Full Stop, they won’t mind if you come in on your commute to fuel up some more before you keep going.

  • The mother-daughter duo running this coffee shop give off serious Gilmore Girl vibes with their admirable comradery and devotion to coffee. The two, who call themselves best friends, wanted to create a homey, welcoming space and that’s exactly what they’ve done. Outside, grounded. sits on the corner on Yonge Street, meaning there’s so many places

  • Toronto may not be known for being home to coffee snobs the way that cities in South America and Australia might be, but that doesn’t mean we don’t know great coffee when we taste it. And we know Hale Coffee is great coffee. This coffee shop is all about fair trade, directly sourcing beans from

  • Himalayan Java is a café straight out of Nepal — literally. Fashioned as the Asian nation’s first gourmet coffeehouse (think a more exotic, better, less ubiquitous version of Starbucks), it’s meant to promote socially responsible brews around the globe.

  • Torontonians can’t get enough of HotBlack Coffee, known for its bright red exterior and minimalist design. The coffee shop is innovative in using the latest high-tech water and espresso systems to ensure all water going into the coffee is as pure as possible. Made from coffee beans sourced directly from farmers and led by a

  • Isle of Coffee is a bright and airy cafe serving specialty coffee and dessert in the Eglinton West neighbourhood of Toronto. With stone floors and plants hanging from the many shelves, this comforting and bright space is the perfect spot for an afternoon sip or a day spent catching up on emails. The menu here

  • A Toronto institution, Jimmy’s Coffee has been preaching the “death before decaf” gospel for over 10 years. But it does have decaf options. Founder Phil Morrison’s initial concept was to a) honour his, mine and your favourite Jimmies, from Jim Henson to Jimi Hendrix, and b) create a warm and familiar setting where high-quality coffee