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  • bang sur bar

    Bang Sue is a cozy 50-seat bar on the second floor above Khao San Road restaurant. The bar’s moniker is a nod to Bangkok’s main train station. If you had ever driven past the restaurant’s former location on Adelaide, you will have seen the line-ups out the door. That's why Bang Sue is a great waiting area where people can nibble on Thai-inspired bar snacks and sip on cocktails before they make their way down to the main event.

  • Bangkok Buri

    Inspired by the street food scene of its namesake city, Bangkok Buri (Union Station food court) is making a name for itself right in the core of downtown Toronto. The menu was carefully crafted with the memory of Bangkok's piping hot noodles, green curry and grilled meats in mind, but the founders wanted it to fit in its urban city centre. 

  • Bolan Thai Cuisine

    Bolan Thai Cuisine uses nutritious and healthy herbs along with flavourful spices to create the dazzling array of exotic tastes that make Thai cuisine so unique. The venue is cosy and eclectic, and the menu features Thai staples, like green and red curries, as well as chicken satays.

  • Dee Thai

    Walk into Dee Thai and immediately feel the ethereal glow of Sita, the avatar of Hindu goddess Lakshmi, hanging on the large canvas mural by the bar. With colourful booths and wallpaper decorated with roses and parrots, this modern and elegant space invites you in all the way from the corner of Yonge and Eg.

  • Favorites Thai BBQ - 5 dishes

    At first glance Favorites Thai BBQ doesn’t look outwardly Thai, in fact it’s the exact opposite. The light and airy space nods towards an influence of Spanish revival with its rounded passageways and clam pastel hues. The serenity is met with a 70’s inspired terrazzo floor and hippie beads that double as a back-room doorway,

  • Imm Thai Kitchen

    “Chic” and “sleek” would be two words to describe Imm Thai Kitchen, the second restaurant from owners of Sala Modern Thai on the Danforth. Opting for something a little more classy, this Thai house in Little Italy is the perfect spot for great Thai classics with a modern twist. Try their classic pad Thai with

  • Jatujak

    Scarborough’s new Thai joint, Jatujak, serves up some bold flavours that contrast with the room’s modest decor. The highlights at this two-week old takeout spot are bright orange curries and vibrant yellow khao sois — but if you’re looking for a ruby-red pad Thai, you’ll have better luck elsewhere.

  • Khao San Road

    Parliament Street's Sukhothai has built a steady cult following of Thai food aficionados since it opened a few years ago, so when husband and wife co-owners Jeff and Nuit Regular announced they would be expanding, expectations were high. Their latest venture, Khao San Road, opened on Friday, bringing a much-needed culinary jolt to the waning club district.

  • Kiin

    Anyone who has been to Thailand can easily conjure up sticky nights spent at food stalls. There, heaping portions of noodles seasoned with palm sugar, fish sauce, peanuts and spice are de rigueur. But at Kiin, from chef Nuit Regular and her husband Jeff, the diner is transported into a very different version of Thailand.

  • Lanna

    Authentic Thai cuisine in the heart of Markham, the cooking style at Lanna revolves around local ingredients and traditional Thai styles, characterized by a balanced taste combination of sour, spicy, salty, sweet and bitter. Lanna’s goal is to have Canadian restaurant-goers taste the most authentic and delicious Thai food. The menu features traditional Thai soups

  • Mengrai Thai

    Thai all you can eat! Sign us up. At Mengrai Thai award-winning chef Sasi Meechai is serving up the best Thai in the city to international celebrities and Torontonians alike. With the option of à la carte, prixe fixe, chef Sasi’s royal cuisine and all you can eat, there are almost too many options to

  • mugi

    Plant-based, wholesome Thai from scratch is the motto at this Bloor and Bathurst spot. Mugi offers 100 per cent plant-based food inspired by traditional Thai cuisine. The menu features a variety of salads, including jackfruit, papaya and mango, as well as a variety of noodle and curry dishes. Request a shot of the house-made chili

  • Monte Wan of beloved Khao San Road is bringing Toronto more of Thai cuisine’s greatest hits with Nana. Taken from the Thai word for “meeting place,” its communal tables and menu of street food–inspired small sharing dishes really hit the idea home. “Nana” can also mean “many,” which is seen through the multitude of influences

  • Nana

    Monte Wan of popular Thai spot Khao San Road has opened Nana (which means “meeting place” in Thai), featuring dishes inspired by the street food of Thailand. The setting is inspired by the little eating establishments on the streets of Bangkok, where patrons socialize at shared tables on plastic stools. The menu features Thai staples

  • Pai

    Pai is a Thai restaurant run by chef Nuit Regular and her husband and business partner, Jeff Regular. There are two Pai locations in the city—the original restaurant, located at 18 Duncan St. opened in 2014, was named after a small village in Northern Thailand where the couple met. The second location (and Chef Nuit’s

  • Pai Market

    Now, some of their favourite flavours are available from a daily lunch counter in a newly expanded section of their Duncan Street restaurant, which is also available for private rental in the evening.

  • Pai Northern Thai Kitchen

    It was spring of last year when word got out that chef Nuit Regular and her husband Jeff — the couple behind some of the best Thai restaurants in the city — would be opening a new downtown restaurant in the site of a former Golden Griddle. Now, nearly a year and a half later, the new place is finally open.

  • Saigon House

    Saigon House fits right in along the strip of restaurants in the increasingly popular Yonge and Lawrence area. The cuisine offered is a mix of Vietnamese and Thai staples, all made with the freshest ingredients available. Favourites from the extensive menu include crispy shrimp rolls and chicken satay with peanut sauce, and adventurous eaters will

  • Saigon Star

    This contemporary Richmond Hill eatery serves a mix of Thai and Vietnamese cuisine with a French influence. After opening in Toronto in 1987, Saigon Star moved north to the suburbs in 1993 and has been bringing the flavours of Southeast Asia to Richmond Hill (and those making the trek there) ever since. The menu features

  • Sorn Thai bills itself as “delicious Thai food by Thai chefs.”  Since 1995, Sorn Thai has been serving authentic Thai cuisine to midtown residents. The menu includes all the usual Thai favourites like curries, pad Thai and a variety of noodle dishes.