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  • Alo

    Situated atop a heritage building at Queen Street and Spadina Avenue, Alo is one of those names that makes foodies stop in their tracks. Helmed by chef Patrick Kriss, one of the hottest names in the city’s food scene. The classically prepared, contemporary French cuisine and the ambience, alongside the exclusive nature of the reservations,

  • Drifter’s Solace is the kind of place you bring that first date who is way out of your league. This downtown dining experience offers a multi-course Chef’s Table menu prepared by chef David Salt. After spending his childhood travelling and living from place to place and spending years working in European kitchens, his menu offers

  • Edulis

    To visit Edulis is to feel immediately like a friend, ushered to a convivial dinner party that celebrates authentic cooking. The ever-changing, made-from-scratch menu highlights and celebrates seasonality, but does not veer from its cornerstones: seafood, vegetables, and wild mushrooms. The no-tipping eatery was deemed the best new restaurant in Canada when it opened in

  • Omai

    Omai is a new Japanese temaki and sake bar on Baldwin Street from Edward Bang and Jason Ching.

  • Rasa

    These days, Food Dudes Inc. is a booming business. The company caters around 1,000 events per year from its massive kitchen in Toronto’s east end, resulting in millions of dollars of revenue per year. So it may seem strange that the owners have spent the last eight months and nearly half a million dollars setting up a 50-seat restaurant near Harbord and Spadina.

  • Restaurant 20 Victoria

    Restaurant 20 Victoria marks the much-anticipated return of Chris White and Jonathan Nicolaou, who closed their critically acclaimed restaurant Brothers Food & Wine just over a year ago during the pandemic. Like their erstwhile Yorkville bistro set above Bay Street station, Restaurant 20 Victoria is intimate and deceptively humble, with just 20 seats. Expect the