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  • Just a quick hop, skip, and a jump away from Ossington station, Bakerbots Baking is serving up some of Toronto’s coolest (and sweetest) baked goods. The space is minimal, simple and low-key, which puts its inventive flavours at the focal point of the establishment. And we mean inventive flavours: there’s a Beer ’n’ Brown Bread

  • Booyah joined the midtown community back in 2015 and has been a hit ever since. It has all your ice cream shop basics from scoops to pints in an array of flavours, but Booyah takes it to the next level. First, there are vegan pints available for those who need it. Then there are the

  • Brickworks Ciderhouse is located in Riverdale, within close proximity of the trendy Broadview Hotel.

  • This legendary dessert restaurant located in Greektown has been in the biz for the last thirty years, so to say they know a thing or to about making a delicious pastry, waffle, or cake is an understatement. Their house-made ice cream and crepes are the stuff of legends and they work with the best suppliers

  • After being one of the pioneers who worked on building packet-switching networks, a.k.a the Internet, retirement for Ed Francis is filled with ice cream. Ed’s Real Scoop was founded after Ed Francis could not find any premium, homemade ice cream stores near his home. Now, Ed’s Real Scoop is a neighbourhood staple in the Beach,

  • At the corner of Bloor Street and Clinton Street are some deliciously sweet treats that only a grandmama could create. Grandmama’s original waffle recipe substitutes milk with either non-alcoholic beer or coconut milk, tapioca and rice flour. Take your pick of some one-of-a-kind flavours like sweet chili, pink praline, and black sesame, and stuff it

  • Ahley Wittig, co-founder of Bunner’s, Toronto’s first vegan and gluten-free bakery, now bakes out of Honey’s Ice Cream. The shop, named after her beloved puppy, serves dairy-free, plant-based ice cream. The mixings, fillings, and toppings on all the ice cream are all created in-house with allergies in mind. Honey’s sells ice cream in pints or

  • These days, Food Dudes Inc. is a booming business. The company caters around 1,000 events per year from its massive kitchen in Toronto’s east end, resulting in millions of dollars of revenue per year. So it may seem strange that the owners have spent the last eight months and nearly half a million dollars setting up a 50-seat restaurant near Harbord and Spadina.

  • Making its first foray into Toronto, Ruelo Patisserie has long called Richmond Hill home. Owner Jacqueline Lo, pastry chef extraordinaire, has been in the biz now for some four years, and hopes to slowly set up camp throughout the city, gaining customers one macaron at a time. Her new Toronto location opened near Yonge and Eglinton last month

  • Famous for their cupcakes, Short & Sweet is one of the city’s best bake shops. Owned by Orli Levy, a mother and beauty industry executive who decided to make her life a little sweeter by quitting her job and opening a bakery in 2009. As a lifelong baker, she took inspiration from her mother and

  • Originally a brick-and-mortar bakery in Bloor West Village, Sweet Flour Bake Shop now focuses on online orders and catering from its Stockyards-area commercial kitchen. The bakery offers a range of scratch-made cookies, cupcakes, cookie cakes, bars, and including holiday-themed treats. Their baked-to-order cookies are known for their crispy exterior and soft centre and come in

  • Step inside to an old-fashioned-style ice cream parlour complete with checkered floors, marble counters and the familiar humming of many retro neon fixtures with the Big Chill. For over a decade, these guys have been Little Italy’s destination for birthday parties, corporate events and an after-dinner sweet treat. When summer rolls around and the patio

  • The Inside Scoop is Toronto’s ice cream dream come true. With over 40 premium ice cream flavours, including dairy-free, sorbet and soft serve flavours, there’s no limit to the exuberant creations that can be made. Alongside scoops and litres full of ice cream, The Inside Scoop offers fully loaded ice cream masterpieces, including sundaes, milkshakes,

  • Now in Regent Park, this mighty little ice cream shop is serving up some serious sweet treats. The Lansdowne Cone is scooping some of the city’s most sought-after ice cream. With 34 rotating flavours from the likes of Kawartha Dairy and London Ice Cream Company, this shop knows how to really enhance your summer days.