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  • bang bang ice cream

    What's better than fresh made ice cream sandwiched between two freshly baked cookies? Can't think of anything? That's what we thought. At Ossington's own Bang Bang Ice Cream & Bakery, they're whipping up some of the city's most bangin' ice cream sandwiches. !t's all about the simple pleasures, like homemade baked goods and well-made rich and velvety ice cream.

  • booyah

    Booyah joined the midtown community back in 2015 and has been a hit ever since. It has all your ice cream shop basics from scoops to pints in an array of flavours, but Booyah takes it to the next level. First, there are vegan pints available for those who need it. Then there are the

  • There’s only one way to survive a summer in Toronto, and that’s with a whole lot of deliciously sweet ice cream. Churnt Up is providing the cure to your heat stroke weekends by serving premium handcrafted ice cream. The rotating menu features original batches that are made fresh every week. Fan favourite flavours include butterscotch

  • Vegan ice cream may not sound very appetizing to dairy lovers, but the ice cream from Creamery X is like nothing you’ve tasted before. Everything, including the add-ins, are handmade, meaning it takes three days to make these small batches of vegan ice cream and frozen custard flavours. The unique flavours change on a monthly

  • Dainties Macaron

    There’s no doubt that the macaron is an extremely popular dessert in Toronto. Bite-sized treats in a variety of pastel colours are filled with flavoured cream and decorated sometimes in a variety of colours, sparkles, you name it. But at Dainties Macaron in Chinatown, instead of decorating the exterior, these bakers are filling their pastries

  • Just like the main character’s obsession in the Italian-French drama and novella this gelato shop is named for, Death by Venice is to die for. In 2015, owner Kaya was the winner of Chopped Canada with an original ricotta, lemon and rosemary ice cream. With the winnings, he purchased an Italian Carpigiani gelato machine and

  • delight

    Delight is the Junction neighbourhood’s source for certified organic, handmade, fair trade chocolate and ice cream. The shop is run by the husband and wife duo Jennifer Rashleigh and Jeff Brown and has been a mainstay in Toronto for more than a decade. Every single piece of chocolate in the shop is handmade and hand-decorated

  • Dutch Dreams Toronto

    Since the 1980s Dutch Dreams has been serving up some of the city’s most colossal sundaes. Since the beginning, the Aben family has passed down their kosher ice cream, pancake and waffle recipes, taking pride in preparing luxurious ice cream desserts their ancestors would be proud of. The inside of this quirky and eclectic ice

  • Eative Film Cafe

    This Japanese café is something out of the ordinary; in fact, there is nothing ordinary about it. Eative mixes the traditional Canadian breakfast with edgy Japanese cuisine and a splice of an espresso bar all in one. On top of the extensive list of ice creams and soft serves, this café dishes out eclectic menu

  • Ed's Real Scoop

    After being one of the pioneers who worked on building packet-switching networks, a.k.a the Internet, retirement for Ed Francis is filled with ice cream. Ed’s Real Scoop was founded after Ed Francis could not find any premium, homemade ice cream stores near his home. Now, Ed’s Real Scoop is a neighbourhood staple in the Beach,

  • Golden Bubbles

    Deep in the midst of the Skycity Shopping Centre, a dessert oasis awaits. Golden Bubbles is a dessert spot specializing in the Hong Kong egg waffle street food delicacy. You’ve seen these guys before: a waffle with spherical protrusions of crispy, doughy goodness. Fold the waffle and stick the end in a cone so that

  • Honey's Ice Cream

    Ahley Wittig, co-founder of Bunner’s, Toronto’s first vegan and gluten-free bakery, now bakes out of Honey’s Ice Cream. The shop, named after her beloved puppy, serves dairy-free, plant-based ice cream. The mixings, fillings, and toppings on all the ice cream are all created in-house with allergies in mind. Honey’s sells ice cream in pints or

  • You can tell by the “ology” that this shop takes their ice cream seriously. Seriously like they make everything by hand—including the waffle cones—and use only real, quality ingredients instead of food colouring and artificial flavours. That means the banana ice cream uses real banana, not artificial banana flavouring. That makes it healthy…right? Icecreamonology operates

  • Jacobs & Co.

    Stuffy and dark steak houses are of the past, and Jacobs & Co. is looking toward the future. With an airy and inviting interior, this upscale steak house is anything but dated. Premium cuts and exclusive wine features are some of the reasons why at Jacobs & Co. you won’t think twice about dropping some

  • When the summer heat comes to Toronto, ice cream shops are a popular escape. What makes Jops Creamery different is the fresh Latino cheese served on top of each artisanal flavour alongside a sweet taste of homemade whipped cream. Though this is a popular dessert in Ecuador, Jops Creamery is one of the first brands

  • Imagine eating a foot long stack of fruity ice cream on a crunchy cone. Now imagine eating a foot long stack of fruity ice cream on a crunchy cone in under a minute. The 14-leveled ice cream towers served at Milkman Creamery may be difficult to keep balanced, but if you manage to eat it

  • My Favourite Ice Cream Shop

    Tucked away on Macpherson Avenue, this seasonal Rosedale ice cream shop is scooping up all your favourites every day from noon to nine during the summer months. My Favourite Ice Cream Shop has been open since the early 2000s and has not changed one bit since then. A small brick exterior and glass window invites

  • This adorable gelato shop’s story begins with a rise to fame while operating out of a food truck. Nani’s Gelato was born through a goal of finding good quality artisan gelato that infuses Indian and Asian flavours. In Punjabi, “Nani” means grandmother–a suitable name for sweet desserts that will bring back a nostalgic taste of homemade

  • old firehall confectionary- chocolates

    One of Unionville’s most iconic landmarks also happens to be a candy store. In the early 1800s Old Firehall took its place in the heart of Unionville and was turned into the Old Firehall Confectionery  where it remains the franchise’s flagship store. A staple within the community, customers keep coming back for Old Firehall’s wide

  • Peace Treats

    Scream for what you love, be it ice scream or the city of Toronto, with Peace Treats, part of Peace Collective. After launching an über-successful clothing brand that celebrates this city and the country it’s in, a milkshake bar was set up in Peace Collective’s flagship store. Customers can now indulge in over-the-top shakes, like