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  • Ali's West Indian Roti Shop is Toronto's answer for specialists in the Trinidadian aspect of Caribbean cuisine.

  • North York restaurant Burgers Park draws inspiration from US burger joints like Shake Shack for its classic smash burgers. Meats are locally-raised and halal, plus free of hormones and antibiotics. Their namesake Park Burger features an Angus beef smash patty served on a sesame brioche with sauteed onions and American cheese. Other menu items include

  • On a trip to Nashville, husband and wife Matt and Carolyn fell in love with the city’s crispy, moist chicken and decided to bring it back to Canada. Named after their late yellow lab, Chica’s offers the couple’s own version of Nashville hot chicken, made with grain-fed, 100 per cent Halal chicken from local farmers.

  • On the website, this Ossington sandwich shop labels itself as an “ode to the king of poultry.” That means Ghost Chicken knows how to do Chicken sandwiches. This take-out place is all about simplicity and the key is local ingredients with a fresh balance of tastes, textures, and spices. And it’s all 100% halal. Just

  • Goa Indian Farm Kitchen is the latest addition to the burgeoning dining hub at Bayview and Sheppard, which has already seen great additions in 2018 like Parcheggio and Beauty BBQ open up this year. This new concept comes to us from restaurateur Hemant Bhagwani, who is no stranger to the Toronto dining scene — his

  • A halal family restaurant, Gourmet Malaysia serves up (yep, you guessed it) Malaysian, Singaporean and Indonesian cuisine with a menu that’s varied and deliciously affordable. Sitting in a 6,000-square-foot dining hall, this restaurant and banquet space is made to fit the entire extended family. The menu is colourful and lively with tastes of Southeast Asia

  • Toronto is the perfect city to bring a taste of the U.K. to Canada. With grain-fed chicken that comes from local farmers, London Fried Chicken prioritizes all-natural food that is not raised with hormones or steroids. The Lakeshore restaurant offers chicken combos ranging from two-piece to 16 piece meals and provides an extensive menu including

  • Pizza Shab is Toronto’s go-to spot for Halal pizza. Their deep-dish style pies are made from fresh dough and can be found in four locations across the GTA. Categorizing their pizza as Persian comfort food, Pizza Shab is creating something a little different from your regular take-out pizza. Their pan pizzas come in three different