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  • 7 Baker

    At 7 Baker, European and Asian flavours come together to create totally unique and delectable baked goods. With traditional European bread and pastry recipes infused with Asian flavours, this bakery is unlike anything you’ve ever laid eyes on. The shiny space features gold finishings that make the bakery gleam from the outside. If the shiny

  • The three men, Kenton Chan, Vincent Lau, and Thomas Wong, who brought Chatime to Toronto have now also given us our first taste of Bake Code, the popular Taiwanese bakery that fuses Asian and European influences.

  • After being in the industry for over a decade and establishing a reputation as one of Toronto’s top pastry chefs, Jill Barber has opened her own pastry shop, where she serves coffee and tea along with her assortment of puff pastries, including the crowd favourite sausage rolls. This Little Italy shop is open daily until

  • For over 30 years, Café Polonez has been a family-run restaurant in the heart of Toronto’s Polish community. The name comes from the French word “polonaise,” which is a ceremonial Polish dance similar to a waltz. Café Polonez is known for their homemade lightly-breaded schnitzel, alongside plenty of other authentic Polish cuisine such as herring

  • Drifter’s Solace is the kind of place you bring that first date who is way out of your league. This downtown dining experience offers a multi-course Chef’s Table menu prepared by chef David Salt. After spending his childhood travelling and living from place to place and spending years working in European kitchens, his menu offers

  • A Toronto landmark since 1967, Joso’s is owned and operated by Leo and Shirley Spralja. It was founded by the famous Croatian painter, sculptor, and all around artist, Joso Spralja, whose works are immediately recognizable upon entering the restaurant. And his presence is felt immediately, from the inspiration from Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast to the sensory

  • Toronto is the perfect city to bring a taste of the U.K. to Canada. With grain-fed chicken that comes from local farmers, London Fried Chicken prioritizes all-natural food that is not raised with hormones or steroids. The Lakeshore restaurant offers chicken combos ranging from two-piece to 16 piece meals and provides an extensive menu including

  • Since 1991, Lucullus Bakery has been serving up pastries and buns in Hong Kong style. Hand crafted in small patches, these buns are part of a constantly updated menu that takes inspiration from China, Korea, and Japan. Signature pastries include the egg tart made from a 30-year old recipe, and pineapple buns, perfect for pairing

  • Rahier Patisserie has been a mainstay in the Leaside neighbourhood since it first opened its doors in 1996. Now more than two decades later, residents in South Bayview continue to flock to the bakery for its intimate atmosphere and delicious baked goods. The menu is filled with items like fresh baked bread on weekends, daily