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  • This midtown restaurant has quickly become a hotspot for the cuisine of Ethiopia and Eritrea. To highlight the vegan staples of Ethiopia, Abyssinia YYZ has an entire selection of vegan dishes from stir fries to stews. These can be consumed with an authentic Ethiopian spongy flatbread called injera. For meat lovers, customers are loving the

  • Nunu

    For nearly 30 years, Nunu Ketgela has been working as a professional chef, and 10 of those has been at her namesake restaurant. Nunu is Toronto’s hippest location for Ethiopian fusion eats. The restaurant’s menu pulls from north and east African cuisine and approaches to food. The goal is food that is delicious, healthy, honest

  • For twenty years, Rendez-Vous has been serving up authentic African cuisine through an authentic African experience. This restaurant was one of the very first Ethiopian and Eritrean restaurants in the city, and is now a neighbourhood highlight on The Danforth strip. The Ethiopian fare includes special tibs dishes (a spicy stir fry and soup), topped