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  • Baro

    Almost six months to the day since Valdez closed its doors, chef Steve Gonzalez and the team are back. They've moved just a hop, skip and jump from the former digs on King West and opened Baro (or Valdez 2.0) in a 15,000 square-foot space spread over four floors.

  • El Almacen

    Take a trip throughout Latin America without leaving Queen West at El Almacen. This cafe specializes in mate, a earthy tasting drink made from the yerba mate, a species of holly. The drink, which at El Almacen is served in a gourd and drank through a filter-tipped metal straw called a bombilla, is ubiquitous in

  • Andre's Gerrard Street Bakery

    Sitting pretty amidst the hustle and bustle of Chinatown East, Gerrard St. Bakery is a welcome reprieve from the street-side chaos. Owner Andrea Mut offers up a selection of fresh baked treats, sandwiches and coffee for the person dashing around town.

  • Honest Weight

    The only scales Honest Weight cares about are the ones on its fish. The New England–style restaurant and fishmonger have made a name for themselves in the Junction as being a top-notch seafood restaurant and retailer as well as a wholesale destination for other Toronto restaurants and caterers. Depending on what Honest Weight has in

  • Jumbo Empanadas

    Since October of 1991, Jumbo Empanadas has been bringing the taste of Santiago to Kensington Market. Sometimes a name says it all, so no points for guessing what the speciality might be at Jumbo Empanadas. Here, the South American street food comes in the veggie, beef and chicken variety. Though empanadas may be the star

  • Kost

    On the 44th floor of the Bisha Hotel, you’ll find panoramic views of Toronto, along with some of the best Californian/Mexican cuisine outside of Baja state. As the northernmost state in Mexico and the southernmost point in California, Baja cuisine is the perfect blend of culture and flavour. At Kost, the Bisha Hotel’s newest restaurant,

  • la cubana- drinks

    Cuban cuisine steps out of the holiday resort shadow, offering diners a new view.

  • La Mexicana

    Family-run La Mexicana is the place to go for authentic Mexican cuisine north of Eglinton. After moving here from Mexico city, the family started cooking up some super traditional offerings at La Mexicana, and they don’t plan on stopping. Open since 1988, the menu is a collection of real Mexican classics. The mini-empanadas are cute

  • Quetzal

    Grant van Gameren has done it again. Reading as a visual response to the undulating Bar Raval down the street, Quetzal feels like a nautical cathedral where everyone worships flame. Much of the kitchen is devoted to the firepit, which runs down half the room and includes a traditional comal (the griddle used to cook

  • Dog & Tiger

    Owner and musician Luke Nicholson and chef Tom Salvo combine farm-to-table cooking with creative mixology at The Dog and Tiger. Customers are treated to an extensive cocktail menu and carnivorous fuel galore under high ceilings and a roughly 90 occupant capacity between bar stools and tables. What once was Mullins is now an elevated pub