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  • Strictly Shanghainese restaurants are few and far between in and around the city — usually, the cuisine is fused with food from other regions of China like Szecuhuan or Taiwan. But for great Shanghainese food, head up to A La Kitchen for soup-filled dumplings and other classics like noodle dishes and braised meats.

  • Since its Chinatown location opened its doors in 1988, Asian Legend has spread across Toronto to give all diners a taste of northern Chinese dim sum and stir-fry. Their cooking motto is "northern flavours with a traditional style," which has allowed for its chefs, all from reputable dining locales in Taiwan and mainland China, to fine-tune the menu and bring diners dishes like the especially flavour-rich kung pao chicken.

  • Since the dim sum downtown has sunk in a slough of grease, dumpling-seeking Sinophiles have few alternatives. At first glance, Casa Imperial is an unlikely candidate: a baroque mansion loaded with gargantuan crystal chandeliers, ersatz British hunting scenes and musty brocaded draperies. It’s about as Chinese-looking as Casa Loma, but the dim sum is quite

  • I have been coming to this classic cart-service restaurant since the tables at the back were filled with old men holding chopsticks in one hand, a cigarette in the other. It hasn’t changed much. Large families with hyperactive children are still seated on the dais. There’s always a lineup after 11:30 a.m. on the weekend.

  • Enjoy all varieties of authentic Chinese cuisine right in the heart of Yorkville with Dynasty. From dim sum to Sichuan orange peel flavours, Peking duck to General Tao’s chicken, oysters...

  • The focus at Kwan North York is sharper than at Yonge and St. Clair — "dim sum all day, even at nighttime," Lui explains.

  • Chef John Tan uses his understanding of Asian flavours and dedication to picking the freshest ingredients at Lime Asian Kitchen to create dishes from the many distinct regions of Asia. Lime Asian Kitchen’s menu includes Thai curries, Cantonese chow mein, Shanghai noodles, Vietnamese wonton soup and Malaysian grilled chicken. Take your palate on a tour

  • LoPan is DaiLo’s upstairs dim sum and cocktail bar. The Little Italy restaurant DaiLo became an overnight success in Toronto. Its predominantly Cantonese fare cooked with traditional French techniques, was idolized by critics and chefs from all over the country. LoPan, a smaller and more intimate space, is a snack bar made for an either

  • Mother Tongue, a modern Asian restaurant and cocktail bar by the Turner Stevens Group, is new to Toronto’s dining scene and can be found inside the Templar Hotel on Adelaide Street West. From the outside, the former home of Monk Kitchen and Parcae doesn’t look like much has changed except for one thing — there’s

  • Another outstanding restaurant for the Oliver & Bonacini group, R&D is a perfect representation of high end modern Canadian Chinese cuisine. Esteemed chef and Masterchef Canada judge Alvin Leung, who made a name for himself in Hong Kong at his 3 Michelin star restaurant Bo Innovation, founded this restaurant with mentee Eric Chong at this

  • With a closing time at 4 a.m, Rol San is available practically around the clock for dim sum fanatics. The restaurant eschews dim sum carts and makes everything to order, ensuring freshness with every little bamboo-covered dish that comes out of the kitchen and into the remarkably cavernous dining room. It’s minimally decorated, with thin

  • Tao offers an authentic northern Chinese experience right in the heart of Toronto. The difficult growing seasons in China’s north, which is marked by cold winters and blistering hot summers, means that residents have to make use of limited ingredients to produce hearty meals. Foods from the region emphasize the use of herbs and spices

  • Located in Richmond Hill, The One Fusion Cuisine teaches us that joy can be found in a little brown box adorned with a dragon. This dim sum giant is offering customers traditional dishes with a modern flair. The establishment appears wedding-ready at all times, with tables decorated in intricate linens and lotus-shaped napkins. Chefs harmoniously