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  • Since its Chinatown location opened its doors in 1988, Asian Legend has spread across Toronto to give all diners a taste of northern Chinese dim sum and stir-fry. Their cooking motto is "northern flavours with a traditional style," which has allowed for its chefs, all from reputable dining locales in Taiwan and mainland China, to fine-tune the menu and bring diners dishes like the especially flavour-rich kung pao chicken.

  • Named after the national flower of the Philippines, this spot has a busy, convivial interior that feels more like a decades-old community hall than a restaurant. Despite the clubhouse atmosphere, the staff is welcoming and friendly with newcomers. Every restaurant should copy one idea from SV’s playbook: two of their specialties, the pancit Sampaguita and

  • Wuhan Noodle 1950 brings an eclectic list of authentic and contemporary Chinese dishes to Markham. Dishes include Wuhan dry rice noodles, spareribs, lotus root soup and crab feet dry noodles.        

  • The largest Chinese rice noodle chain in North America, with locations throughout the GTA, Vancouver, Montreal and now New York, Yunshang Rice Noodle specializes in “Crossing the Bridge” noodles. According to a popular fable, this dish was invented by the wife of a scholar who had to cross a bridge each day to bring him