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  • 7 Baker

    At 7 Baker, European and Asian flavours come together to create totally unique and delectable baked goods. With traditional European bread and pastry recipes infused with Asian flavours, this bakery is unlike anything you’ve ever laid eyes on. The shiny space features gold finishings that make the bakery gleam from the outside. If the shiny

  • In the heart of Toronto’s downtown Chinatown, Awas Tea Noodle is a Taiwanese eatery that knows exactly what its doing. The teas Awas offers, which are imported from Taiwan, are served in glass bottles that have been refrigerated overnight so as to reduce the caffeine but keep the same amount of antioxidant benefits. Really, though,

  • This bubble tea brand originated in Taipei before opening locations across Asia, including Hong Kong and Malaysia. The success of the first Canadian Baroness Bubble Tea in Vancouver, which offered over 30 different drinks, led to the opening of the second location right here in Toronto. Although there’s no shortage of boboa in Toronto, what

  • It seems as if everywhere you turn in Toronto there is another bubble tea spot popping up. As great as this is for our city, it makes it hard to find a diamond in the rough. But when you see the orange bubble letters spell out CoCo, you know you’re in for a treat. CoCo

  • With three locations across Toronto, this Vietnamese cafe was established as an eatery in 2016 and brings coffee from Asia to the streets of Toronto. Signatures include the traditional, Vietnamese-style drip espresso as well as the egg coffee, both which have been popular for those who have been to Vietnam and fans of strong coffee.

  • Deep in the midst of the Skycity Shopping Centre, a dessert oasis awaits. Golden Bubbles is a dessert spot specializing in the Hong Kong egg waffle street food delicacy. You’ve seen these guys before: a waffle with spherical protrusions of crispy, doughy goodness. Fold the waffle and stick the end in a cone so that

  • This staple Chinatown bakery is known for its affordable baked goods. Although the bakery space is unassuming, Mashion has gained a reputation for offering surprisingly high-quality sweet and savoury treats at low prices. You’ll find a variety of baked goods on display for self-service, including classics like egg tarts and pineapple buns. Shoppers can often

  • This bubble tea and dessert shop is a South Korean favourite with over 200 locations across the country. Now, Palgong Tea is spreading the sweet goodness across Toronto, too, with eight storefronts currently open and more in the works. Palgong gets its name from the Korean word for 80, which, in Celsius, is the perfect

  • Forget everything you once knew about sushi. With a unique vision and a urge to push the envelope, Sushi Shop has developed one of the largest sushi empires in Canada. Starting with the first shop in Montreal to having over 150 locations nationwide, Sushi Shop cares about serving great sushi to the masses. This location

  • Nothing about Three Kingdom Pizza’s is like anything you’ve ever seen before. With over 1,000 locations in China, the eatery selected Toronto has the setting for their western expansion and though pizza is in its name, the guokui served here is the the size of an adult’s face and come stuffed that can be described

  • The largest Chinese rice noodle chain in North America, with locations throughout the GTA, Vancouver, Montreal and now New York, Yunshang Rice Noodle specializes in “Crossing the Bridge” noodles. According to a popular fable, this dish was invented by the wife of a scholar who had to cross a bridge each day to bring him