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  • This tiny Chinatown storefront, opened in the ’80s by the parents of Banh Mi Boys owners David, Peter and Philip Chau, is the original banh mi mom and pop. The small space produces hundreds of sandwiches a day, an industrial slicing machine spitting out the French buns as quick as they can be filled with

  • With three locations across Toronto, this Vietnamese cafe was established as an eatery in 2016 and brings coffee from Asia to the streets of Toronto. Signatures include the traditional, Vietnamese-style drip espresso as well as the egg coffee, both which have been popular for those who have been to Vietnam and fans of strong coffee.

  • Don’t shy away from Oxtail Pho & Banh Mi’s bright yellow exterior; let it welcome you in. The cheery shade is owner Linda Tran’s favourite, and the different shaped, mounted cutting boards that display the menu add to the generally upbeat ambience. Although serving up primarily Vietnamese fare, a number of Oxtail’s dishes are influenced

  • Vit Béo is serving up Vietnamese fare in a cool and casual spot around the hip area of Bloor and Ossington. Open until late, that is 3 a.m. on Friday and Saturday but 2 a.m. on school nights, it even serves some drinks in teacups to be reminiscent of Chinatown establishments serving beer out of