Vegan patio series

Toronto is getting a new vegan rooftop patio series complete with three infinity pools

The team behind the Vegandale Festival is back with a socially-distanced twist. The new vegan patio series will begin on Aug. 8 at The Grand Bizarre at Exhibition Place for four consecutive weekends (Saturday and Sunday) and includes seated lunch or dinner options.

The Vegandale Festival is a summer festival focussing on vegan food and products cultivated from the city’s top vendors. The festival usually draws thousands of people every summer, but this year there’s no official word yet if the festival will run (though tickets are still available through the festival’s website).

Exhibition Place is home to the city’s largest rooftop space at 64,000 square feet with three infinity pools and various private cabanas. Attendees will have access to the infinity pools with the city’s COVID-19 outdoor pool guidelines in place. Those current restrictions include providing a name and contact information, answering various COVID-19 questions, and wearing a single-use wrist band.


Vegan patio series
The Vegan Patio Series offers up delicious food and a stunning rooftop location

Vegandale’s patio series includes access to food from Fat Choi, Ital Vital, Bar Vegandale, and Planta. It also includes bottle service, artwork, pool access, music by local DJs, and a frozen dessert bar provided by Daiya.

COVID-19 precautions are in place according to the event’s website, including staff with masks, daily cleaning of patio furniture, contactless payment, online menus, and socially distanced (six-feet apart) tables. Seating times include an 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. brunch option or a 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. dinner option.

Early-access tickets go on sale Aug. 6 for repeat Vegandale Festival customers and to the general public on Aug. 8. There is a 19+ age restriction to enter the venue, so keep that in mind when booking.

Additional information about the new summer series can be found here with regular updates on Instagram.

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