Toronto just got an award-winning curry spot all the way from Japan

Toronto’s food scene is buzzing with excitement as Maji Curry, a beloved Japanese restaurant, makes its mark in the Annex neighbuorhood. True to its name, inspired by the Japanese word for “serious,” Maji is committed to a menu that lives up to its reputation.

Hailing from Kanda, Tokyo, Maji Curry gained global acclaim by winning the 2018 Kanda Curry Championship, a triumph repeated in 2022. This success led to expansions in Singapore, Thailand,  the U.S.A and now Canada.

Jane Yang, the owner of the city’s first franchise, shares her motivation: “I realized there was indeed no authentic Japanese curry cuisine in [the city]. I also have a personal affection for Japanese curry as it was an easy, but healthy lunchtime meal for my kids when they were in school.”

At the heart of Maji Curry’s success is its proprietary curry roux — a rich, flavourful base meticulously crafted over a decade by the founder, Ken Takagi.

“Ken loved curry since childhood and traveled around the world looking for various curries,” Yang says. “He encountered various spices and the unique spice cultures of each country and came up with the idea of fusing them with traditional Japanese curry.”

The restaurant offers a diverse menu, featuring traditional favourites like hamburger steak and chicken cutlet, along with unique options such as fried prawn curry, eggplant curry and omelette curry. Side dishes, like salads, karaage, mochi and fries, are also available.

Whether you’ve been a curry enthusiast for years or are just dipping your toes into the realm of Japanese cuisine, Maji Curry offers a unique dining experience.

You can find them at 515 Bloor Street West and is open every day from 12:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.

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