John Tory COVID-19

It is now illegal to be within two metres of another person in Toronto parks

Mayor John Tory just signed off on a new bylaw that makes it illegal for Toronto residents to between within two metres of each other in public spaces and parks.

The very strict new rules are as close as the city can come to imposing a lockdown. The move came after reports of public gatherings continuing yesterday, even to the extent that some selfish individual(s) removed barriers set up at Sunnyside Park. And that is just one of many examples that came to light.



Breaking the new bylaw could come with a fine of up to $5,000.

Dr. Eileen de Villa, Toronto’s medical officer of health said the behaviour of those that flouted the rules and moved the barriers at Sunnyside was “appalling.”



The stiff penalty was announced during a dire COVID-19 update in which de Villa indicated the spread of the virus is accelerating too quickly. She urged the entire city to stay at home unless absolutely necessary.

Shop for groceries online and in-person just once per week. Walking, exercise and dog walking still permitted but strict adherence to new rules will be enforced.



Currently, the city has 897 COVID-19 cases that have been confirmed or deemed probable with 11 deaths.

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