Toronto gyms are taking their classes online to help you stay fit

Gyms in Toronto have closed their doors due to the state of emergency brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, but some have decided to move their classes online and some are even offering group classes through Zoom. If you want to get your heart rate up and get your sweat on, you’ll want to check out some of the dynamic workouts being offered virtually.

Full Body Workout Sessions

Aethos is taking their fitness classes virtual with two to three classes per day. Choose from focused classes including “Bulletproof Your Back” or more standard lower body training. They’re even offering group classes through Zoom. 

You can take a class any time of the day from the instructors at eMbody Fitness – just pull up their YouTube channel. They’re offering fun and sweat-worthy classes devoted to cardio, dance, pilates, as well as strength and conditioning. If you want to join their live class, you can catch it every day at 9:00 a.m. on Facebook.



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Sweat and Tonic is offering three classes per day on Instagram Live. Check out their schedule for times and classes. 

Misfits Studio is doing three live classes throughout the day on Instagram Live. Begin the day with their dance-focused workouts starting at 8:00 a.m. or, if you’re not a morning person, they also have a few others throughout the day. They’ve also launched online classes through Zoom. 


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If you want to mix up your workouts with Zumba, Tai Chi, or a Hatha Yoga, you’ll want to check out Mayfair Club’s virtual classes. You can join their free classes in real time live on Facebook and watch on demand via the video libraries on Instagram, YouTube, and within their website.

Fit Factory is offering daily classes on Instagram Live using simple items–broom and chairs–as your props. Check out their feed for daily class times. 

Mixed Martial Arts

If you’ve ever wanted to try mixed martial arts but haven’t had the time, now might be your chance. OpenMat MMA has set up a YouTube channel with live classes ranging from Brazilian jiu jitsu for parents and kids, Muay Thai, and more standard strength and conditioning. If you’re kids are getting stir-crazy, there’s also parent and Kids BJJ classes.  



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United Boxing Club is offering Instagram Live boxing classes on weekends weekend at 12:30p.m. Choose from the upper body class on Saturday or the lower body class on Sunday. Bring a towel and expect to sweat. 



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Join Lift Corktown’s daily classes on Instagram Live at 10am. These crossfit workouts will get your energy up and likely get you sweating. 


Soul Cycle instructor, Rowen Aida is going virtual with her intense workouts. Check out videos on her YouTube channel, or if you’re looking for a live class, she’ll be offering them on Instagram Live. 



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If you’re missing out on spinning classes, 6ix Cycle has curated daily workouts that will make you sweat. According to their instagram, they’ll also be releasing some of their popular playlists throughout the coming weeks.

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