trucker convoy

What we know so far about the trucker protest heading to Toronto

A flyer circulating across social media indicates that a “Convoy for Freedom Toronto” protest will take place at Queen’s Park in Toronto on Saturday.  The flyer notes that demonstrators will meet-up at several locations across the city beginning at 10 a.m., roll out by 11 a.m., before demonstrating at Queen’s Park at 12 p.m.

Toronto Police Service is reportedly aware of plans for a protest. In a statement to CP24, which was later released on social media, they noted that they will have a policing operation in place to ensure public safety and keep emergency access routes to hospitals clear.

“Over the coming days, we will continue to liaise with organizers and partner agencies. Any updates, including disruption to travel, will be communicated to the public at the earliest opportunity,” a police spokesman told CP24.

A similar “freedom convoy” continues in Ottawa. Thousands of truckers and demonstrators protesting COVID-19 restrictions and vaccine mandates descended upon Canada’s capital over the weekend, and, as of publication, continue to block traffic around Parliament Hill, causing gridlock. There were also reports that some staff members of Ottawa’s Shepherds of Good Hope were harassed for meals and photos of at least one demonstrator holding a swastika flag.

In a Breakfast Television interview on Wednesday morning, Toronto Mayor John Tory was asked about the possibility “anti-Trudeau/democracy protesters” demonstrating in the city this weekend.

Tory noted that the police are “always on top of these things” and that they have advanced intelligence. He said that Toronto cherishes the right to protest, but that he hopes the protesters recognize their rights to protest can “intersect with the rights of other people” to get around the city and still live their lives in peace.

He also hopes that the protesters recognize that “there is no place whatsoever for people who are spewing hate or degrading public statues.”

“You just hope that there’s balance and common sense shown here,” he added.

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