Toronto brand worn by the likes of Kelly Ripa just opened their first pop-up in Yorkville

Located inside the Yorkville Village mall, local brand Numi’s first pop-up space is joining the likes of other high-end boutiques, like TNT, Via Cavour and Jacadi and exclusive labels from top Canadian and global fashion designers including Balmain, Isabel Marant, Kenzo, Yeezy, Victoria Beckham, Smythe, The Row and Brunello Cucinelli.

With the COVID-19 era ushering in more comfort in fashion, many brands are borrowing from the loungewear trend that has become a staple in wardrobes all over the world, particularly as hybrid working models become the norm. Silk has become a staple fabric for designers looking to use sustainable, luxurious fabrics that don’t sacrifice style for function. Known for its easy-breezy feel and ultra-chic, subtle sheen, silk has the power to elevate any look whether you’re heading to bed or hitting the town. Canadian fashion brand, Numi is one of these brands leading the charge, launching a new sustainable silk loungewear collection which shoppers can snag in-person at their new pop-up shop.

Beyond being fashion-forward, light and effortlessly on trend, the material is a staple among brands looking to lessen their environmental impact. Why is silk better for the planet? It’s a natural fibre that biodegrades. What’s more, mulberry trees that sustain most silkworms require few pesticides or fertilizers and can be grown organically, requiring much less water than other popular textiles, like cotton.

That being said, compared to some other natural fibres and even some synthetic ones, silk still has a relatively large impact on the environment. Silk farms require large amounts of energy to control temperatures, and chemicals for cleaning and dyeing silk can impact the biodegradability of the fabric.

Regardless, demand is high for the fabric and its increasing versatility for clothing, hair products and more has caught the eye of companies across Toronto and beyond.

Forecasts on the global silk market predict that the market size will grow from $6,621.5 million in 2020 to $11,353.6 million in 2028, a notable compound annual growth rate of 7.1 per cent.

While the new silk collection is the star of the show, the pop-up shop will also include the brand’s hero item – essential undershirts – coveted by celebs like Kelly Ripa, in a variety of colours and styles. Numi is also planning several in-store events with other like-minded brands, including a monogramming event with Ela Handbags and a partnership with Radford Studio, a skincare and beauty shop located next door.

“We are so excited to bring an in-person experience to our customers where they can touch and feel and try on our products,” said Numi Founder, Michelle Shemilt. “Shoppers can expect to see the same thoughtful design, forward-thinking materials and commitment to sustainability that we bring to our products through the in-store experience.”

Swing by the 55 Avenue Rd. spot to get a head start on your holiday shopping or just browse the new collection in person until Jan. 16.

Article exclusive to Streets Of Toronto