Ranbir Sidhu

The local artist behind Drake’s new custom OVO table

Ranbir Sidhu grew up in Scarborough and started Futurezona there

Ranbir Sidhu is not your average furniture designer. He’s an artist and he’s caught the eye of celebrities such as Jay-Z and Drake. Sidhu’s company, Futurezona, specializes in custom designs for furniture and sculptures, and each piece he works on looks like a futuristic piece of art.

He created an airplane table that he custom-designed for Roc Nation, Jay-Z’s entertainment company, and his most recent creation is a custom OVO table for Drake.


The Roc Nation table © Anthony Galatianos

“We approached Drake with a few Futurezona concepts that personified his brand,” says Sidhu. “He liked what he saw, picked a favourite and gave us the green light to execute on it.”“

Sidhu recently delivered the custom OVO table to Drake’s Bridle Path home.

“The project for Drake and OVO developed primarily out of my admiration for anything done at a level of excellence. Drake is not only at the top of his game and continuing to push forward, but he is on top of ‘the game’ in general, ” says Sidhu. “OVO as a brand, is focused on offering a superb, elevated product. As an entity, OVO would only share space with the best of the best on an international scale. That is inspirational to me as an entrepreneur and a Canadian.”


drake table
© Anthony Galatianos

Sidhu, who graduated from Pickering High School and grew up in Scarborough, has stayed local and operates his Futurezona showroom in Scarborough as well.

“When I’m creating, my inspiration is generated by time, place and space. My personal history plays a great part in my concepts, as does what is happening in my environment and the natural (and sometimes unnatural) reactions to it,” he says. “I’m also preoccupied with advancing imagination. When I think of what is possible, I also consider what might lie beyond the possible, then work towards creating that.”

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