The top trends from the runway at Toronto’s spring fashion week

Toronto’s Black Creek Assembly was home to some of the top fashion designers from across the country for Fashion Art Toronto‘s spring fashion week this past weekend. To guide your fashion choices this season, there’s nowhere better to look than straight to the runway! The city’s fashion week was full of new and enduring trends that you can bring with you into the summer. Here are five trends you’ll want to incorporate into your closet!

Dramatic shoulders

Left: Anna Pazhava, photo courtesy @photogeneeq Middle: Qweenfecy Clothing, photo courtesy @jennjevons Right: L’uomo Strano, photo courtesy @photogeneeq

Interesting silhouettes abounded at the spring fashion shows, but one in particular stood out — big, dramatic shoulders. And we’re not talking your mom’s ’80s shoulder pads. Designers took defined shoulders to new heights, manipulating material on jackets, dresses and more to stand up and stand out. Big shoulders are all about fashion over function, so they’re a great way to introduce something more fashion-forward to your closet without having to try too hard. And once you try this trend out, you’ll be sold — they were popular in the ’80s in women’s fashion for a reason! Wearing a dramatic shoulder does wonders to give you a bit of extra confidence in taking up space in a room.

Maxi skirts — with a twist

Left: Blanche Hanger, photo courtesy @photogeneeq Middle: Judy Jean Vintage, photo courtesy @joypix_alex Right: Safi Creatives, photo courtesy @photogenee

This trend won’t surprise anyone — maxi skirts dominated the runway this season. However, designers didn’t settle for your classic A-line; the runway was filled with unique maxis that added a twist to this trending style. Long hemlines didn’t stop designers such as Blanche Hanger from going for a sheer look with flower appliqués, while other designers went for interesting materials (lace) or cuts (tied at the waist to drape down to the floor). Maxi skirts are pretty much selling everywhere right now, but you can stand out from the crowd with unique styling choices — layer a sheer dress over your denim maxi, or tie up the sides with ribbons for a frilly, ruffled effect.

Metallic tones

Left: L’uomo Strano, photo courtesy @photogeneeq Middle: Evan Biddell, photo courtesy @cosplay Right: Narces, photo courtesy @jennjevons

Some of the biggest designers of fashion week, including L’uomo Strano, Evan Biddell and Narces, leaned heavy on the metallic shades to bring some light to the runway. It wasn’t just metallic accents, either — we’re talking full gold-tone dresses and a shiny, flowing, silvery concoction from L’uomo Strano that was accessorised with silver boots and a metallic silver hat. While you might not be ready for a head-to-toe metallic look just yet, smaller accents might be the way to lean into it — silver especially works as a great alternative to a neutral tone and matches with everything.

Sheer — again

Left: House of Hendo, photo courtesy @cosplay Middle: Lesley Hampton, photo courtesy @cosplay Right: Narces, photo courtesy @jennjevons

The season of sheer isn’t over yet! We saw the trend take off in 2022 and it’s showing no signs of slowing down if this fashion week is any indication. Lest you thought the trend was leaning into subtler territories, just take a look at some of the designs from the runway — head-to-toe sheer dresses and jumpsuits was favoured over sheer paneling or smaller sheer touches. The trend has only grown in popularity for good reason: layering is what fashion is all about these days, both on the runway and off it, and sheer elements can make layering easy and sexy rather than cumbersome and try-hard. Take your fashion cues from Lesley Hampton and try a sheer dress over a bodysuit or swimsuit this summer, or go more subtle with a sheer top layered underneath a vest or a dress.


Left: Blanche Hanger, photo courtesy @photogeneeq Middle: Narces, photo courtesy @jennjevons Right: 3NDOLITH, photo courtesy @cosplay

If you watched the Met Gala red carpet (beige carpet?) this week, you’d know this trend is even big among celebrities. While cutouts are most often done around the sides of the abdomen, the designers at fashion week took them a step further — 3NDOLITH’s entire line featured cutouts in all kinds of places, from the belly button to the legs, and Blanche Hanger’s designs were sometimes more cutout than clothing. With the weather warming up, now’s the time to try out this trend and see if a breeze around the abdomen is just what you need to stay cool.

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