Too Close to Call: Two astrologers help us get a handle on 2017

As we embark on a new year, two of the city’s leading astrologers go chart-to-chart as we track the biggest flirts and what’s in store for Trump in 2017

Leslie Traill


Michael Zizis

Over 40 years; it depends on the
time of year, I do a lot of readings for people all over North America and into Europe as well.
Years of practice/number of readers per week? Over 40 years;
and 10 readings a week. 
I had a friend who had gone to California and learned astrology. When he came back, he did my chart. As a result, I was blown away by the information he gave me. What piqued 
your interest in astrology?
When I was 14 years old, my
friend bought a book called Write Your Own Horoscopes. He started reading my horoscope to me and
I was hooked.
Gemini is definitely the biggest flirt of the zodiac. Also Libra, because they are attracted to beauty. And Aquarius — they tend to flirt more with people who are intelligent. What signs are 
the biggest 
Leos love to shine, and Geminis just want reactions from people. 
I think that Donald Trump is going to have a huge problem before the end of 2017. There is going to be a big scandal of some sort with respect to his conflict of interest. Trump’s 
astrological predictions?
By next November, Trump will be impeached.

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