Too Close to Call: Toronto's coolest barber shops battle for Movember supremacy


To celebrate Movember, we match uptown’s Mankind Grooming against Kensington Market rebels Crows Nest in the race for Toronto’s top shave. Who lathers up best?  You choose. 





Jon Roth, 2010 Owners and year opened:
Anka Miron, 2011 (Richmond Street West location, 2009).
I found myself spending an awful lot of time in barbershops. An old friend inspired the path I chose, and Roger at Blood and Bandages gave me the skills.  How did you first get involved in men's grooming? Coming from a European background where women have high standards, I realized the need for men to have their own comfortable place.
Single blade razor. Safety razors do the best job. And a comb!
What's the one grooming essential for men? The biggest mistake guys can make is to neglect any type of grooming.
Both! Whose got the locks: Jon Hamm or James Dean? Jon Hamm’s look is closer to what we call a “modern gentleman.”
Three ladies, nine men


Ratio of ladies to men working there?
We’ve got four ladies and two gentlemen.
Murray Foster of Great Big Sea
Which celebs have graced your biz with their presence? We’ve had hockey players Frazer McLaren and Mike Brown as well as Adrian Grenier.
Single blade razor shaving — and lots of preparation after a shower.
Top shaving tips?


Prep! It provides the base for a clean and comfortable shave and prevents razor burns.

We will be donating $5 from every shave to the cause, plus some weekly and daily specials. 
What's the Movember aftermath like? Any specials planned?


Lots and lots of shaves! Men love to treat themselves to a hot lather shave to commemorate the end of their journey. Registered participants receive free moustache shaping on Dec. 1.


35 Kensington Ave.,
Lower Level

  212 Eglinton Ave. E., Unit 1



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