Three new bridges set to open as massive Port Lands development takes shape

A number of major projects in the Port Lands area that are reshaping the city’s waterfront, with a focus on enhancing flood protection, restoring natural habitats, and creating vibrant public spaces, are set to open this month. A new aerial video released by Waterfront Toronto outlines the significant progress being made on the massive revitalization and redevelopment project including news that three very snazzy bridges will actually be opening up this month.

Here is the rundown.

Cherry Street Bridge

The realignment of Cherry Street stands as a pivotal development in the Port Lands revitalization. Set to open by the end of the month, this strategic realignment includes the completion of the westernmost bridge, which will accommodate car traffic. The Martin Goodman trail will run on the west side of the bridge offering a dedicated space for both cyclists and pedestrians. This bridge not only facilitates smoother transportation but also plays a crucial role in connecting the evolving landscape of the new Don River Valley.

According to the video, the current Cherry Street bridge is nearing the end of its lifespan and will no longer be used. That along, will be a huge change as the bridge was the way most everyone accessed the Port Lands area including Cherry Beach.

port lands bridges
Cherry Street Bridge (Photo: Waterfront Toronto video on YouTube)

Lake Shore Bridge

Moving further east to the mouth of the Don River, the video shows the ongoing transformation of the Lake Shore Bridge. The south half of the new bridge is almost complete and is scheduled to open in December. The video also shows how excavation is ongoing to enlarge and deepen the most of the Don River where it will spill out into the new riverbed south of Lake Shore that has been constructed as part of the revitalization. Yes, we are moving a river.

Lake Shore Bridge (Photo: Waterfront Toronto video on YouTube)

Commissioners Street Bridge

Commissioners Street Bridge, another central component of the revitalization project, is also nearing completion and is scheduled to open before the end of the year. Serving as a vital link to the new Don River Valley, this bridge connects various parks and recreational areas, creating a seamless flow between urban spaces and natural landscapes. The completion of Commissioners Street Bridge represents a significant milestone in providing convenient access for both residents and visitors to enjoy a soon-to-be transformed river valley complete with new park space and recreational trails.

See below the work being done to prepare the new riverbed with the new bridge crossing it.

Commissioners Street Bridge (Photo: Waterfront Toronto video on YouTube)

These infrastructure developments not only improve transportation links but also provide access to the natural beauty of the Don River Valley. The transformative impact of these bridge openings extends beyond mere structures; they serve as gateways to a renewed connection between the city and its waterfront, and a key signal that progress is being made. Exciting times at the Port Lands.

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