This Toronto doughnut shop just launched a sweet collab with a Michelin-starred chef

Taking doughnuts to a whole new level, one city shop has joined forces with Toronto’s top Michelin chefs for a collaboration that is sure to leave you drooling.

COPS Doughnuts, known for their innovative fusion of fashion and art and their delicious miniature doughnuts, is wrapping up their Yes Chef Series in style. Teaming up with the acclaimed Toronto chef, Patrick Kriss, known for his restaurant empire, including Alder and Michelin-starred restaurants Alo and Alo Bar they’re set to elevate doughnut indulgence to new heights.


The second doughnut in the series is the Date Espresso Glaze with a sprinkle of Medjool Dust.

“Reflecting the inviting warmth of Alder’s wood-burning grill, the sticky toffee pudding is our take on a classic, comforting dessert,” says the Alder team. ” Inspired by the dessert, this glaze combines the creamy sweetness of Medjool dates and the rich aromatic flavors of espresso before being finished with a date dust topping.”

Available until March 24, there will be one more doughnut in the series before the Yes Chef series says goodbye.

The Yes Chef series began in January with a bang, featuring Michelin-starred chef Steven Molnar of Quetzal. He dazzled doughnut lovers with an array of irresistible creations, including the Spiced Chocolate Glaze with house-made Honeycomb, Mango Chamoy Glaze with Popcorn Crumble and concluded with the show-stopping Passion Fruit Glaze with Cacao Nibs.

Coconut Cream Glaze w. Coconut Meringue Crumble from Rob Rossi

Following Steven Molnar’s impressive lineup, the spotlight turned to none other than Rob Rossi, one of Toronto’s most renowned chefs and another Michelin recipient. He presented three tantalizing doughnuts, starting with the irresistible Ruby Chocolate Glaze with Raspberry Dust. This was followed by the indulgent Pistachio White Chocolate Glaze with Crushed Pistachios and finally, the decadent Tiramisu Glaze with Dulcey Pearls.

As Volume 001 of the Yes Chef series wraps up with Patrick Kriss and the Alder team, there’s speculation about potential future collaborations. While nothing’s confirmed, the numbering suggests there could be more exciting chef partnerships on the horizon.

To grab your mini doughnut fix, head over to any of COPS’ three locations, including the original spot at 445 Adelaide St. W.

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