This Toronto based company delivers restaurant-prepared meals to your home

TRNTO x GoFoodie

Food delivery has changed in Toronto over the course of the last two years, making dinner prep quick and easy any day of the week. Cue this Toronto-based company that curates and delivers freshly frozen, restaurant-prepared meals for you to enjoy at home, as often as you choose.

“I don’t have time to cook, but I love good food,” says Paula — one of the moms we surveyed — on the meal prep challenges that many find while juggling work and family. Too familiar, right? What people (especially parents) need most are simple, convenient solutions, not additional obstacles.

There’s a better way. Local Toronto restaurants are taking the lead, with a menu designed by top Toronto chefs for you to enjoy at home. For instance, GoFoodie offers a convenient option, instead of opening a takeout delivery app on your phone to decide what you’re in the mood for, just open your freezer to see a selection of options you already know and enjoy. No more rush hour delays or lukewarm takeouts or soggy packaging mishaps. Simply heat and enjoy while it’s still sizzling hot.

With GoFoodie delivering from top restaurants such as Oliver & Bonacini, Mercatto, Buca, Guu Izakaya, Ramen Isshin, Zakushi, Kingyo Ramen, Lai Wah Heen and 50 more, it’s no wonder many are stoked on being #freezerstocked with Toronto’s best.

How does it work?

Start at Select your meals by restaurants, cuisine style, effort or preparation time. Choose from a variety of mains, sides, appetizers, desserts and more.

GoFoodie only curates dishes that work best from a frozen format. Each dish has been taste-tested by a panel of foodies, ensuring top quality once each dish arrives at your table.

Although most fresh make-at-home kits are tedious and time-consuming, GoFoodie ensures their frozen creations are simple to heat and serve in just a few minutes.

With free shipping within 7 days, directly to your doorstep, it’s no wonder people are buying a larger freezer to stock their faves!

“GoFoodie is the next generation of meal delivery. As a platform, it has opened up a world of opportunity for local restaurants to serve a wider audience while increasing the selection and convenience,” says Mia Wang, co-founder of GoFoodie. “No longer will restaurants be restricted to their local areas, so their flavours can travel significantly further when frozen.”

If you know what you like, why not have it appear frozen on your doorstep every month for you to have on hand? If you’re unsure, do some taste-testing, then let a GoFoodie monthly delivery ensure you have enough to be #freezerstocked with Toronto’s best.

Grab your meal box on now.

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