This new Japanese restaurant offers both Spam Musubi and wagyu beef

Thornhill’s Kakushin Sushi is adding modern flair to classic Japanese specialties. Since its opening about a month ago, the Kakushin Sushi team has been busy constantly adding new and unique items to their menus, such as Spam Musubi and a smoked duck roll. 

Launching a restaurant just a month ago means the team still had to cater to pandemic formalities. Co-owner Eric Kee wanted to give guests a dine-in experience with a strictly take-out format. “We wanted to bring the quality of dine-in to take-out. If you see most of our dishes, like the boxes, the presentation, the display, it really embodies that,” says Kee. 

The menu features a diverse selection of plates from wagyu beef hailing from America and Australia to Spam Musubi. “I’ve been on many trips to Hawaii and when we were there they had the Spam Musubi everywhere,” Kee says. “But, when I came back to Canada, I noticed that almost no one had it. You can only find it at J-Town on Woodbine. So we had to add it to our menu.”

The Spam is pan-fried in teriyaki sauce before being wrapped up in a seaweed sheet with a choice of avocado or Tamago egg. It is then topped off with sesame seeds and Unagi sauce before being served. 

Moving towards a more luxurious cut of meat, Kakushin offers three different dishes that utilize wagyu beef. Both the American-based wagyu and Australian M9 grades are used in the 4-piece nigiri, and the M9 can also be found on their Gyudon Benny.

Kakushin Sushi
Kakushin’s website.

“We sous vide the eggs so they’re perfectly poached. When we serve it it’s a very soft oozing yolk,” Kee says. “We have a housemade teriyaki sauce that goes in it and we simmer the beef in a specific homemade broth with a bit of burdock root which has a herbal, almost gingery flavour.”

The comfort dish is then served over a bed of rice, accompanied by sweet onions, cucumber and housemade Unagi sauce. Kakushin’s menu also offers creative dishes like a smoked duck roll, barbeque eel wrapped with crab and cream cheese and poke bowls with tons of variety.

Kakushin’s website

Kakushin Sushi is located at 505 Highway 7 and is currently operating as a take-out only spot. 

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