This local restaurant chain pranked customers with outlandish new menu items

Streets of Toronto x Manchu Wok

Everyone is getting in on the April Fools fun — including local quick service restaurant ManchuWOK. Ever been tempted to try a cross between a burger and classic Chinese dishes? Think egg rolls sandwiched on a bun or honey garlic chicken stuffed into a burger. A recent announcement from Manchu about a new menu line had customers considering just that!

ManchuWOK has been operating since 1980, cooking up chef-inspired Chinese food using the traditional power of the wok. Dishes are cooked over an open flame in a traditional Chinese wok, featuring fresh ingredients and signature sauces.

The brand announced four new burgers earlier this morning after teasing the new menu items last week: The Low Mein Loco Burger, Broccoli Beefwich Burger, Egg Roll Supreme Burger and Honey Garlic Chicken Burger. While fans of the Chinese restaurant were initially entertained by the concept — which included images of burger spilling over with lo mein and a massive broccoli head in between buns — the menu items also had customers wondering whether they might actually like these fusion sandwiches!

But just hours later, the restaurant announced that the menu items were all a hilarious prank! The brand took April Fools Day to the next level with these comical burgers that were a hilarious combination of unusual-sounding and delicious-looking.

If the thought of biting into the Egg Roll Supreme Burger enticed you, don’t worry — you can enjoy the actual egg rolls and other Manchu favourites with the brand’s social media giveaway for a $50 gift card. If you win, maybe you can DIY your own Honey Garlic Chicken Burger or Broccoli Beefwich!


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