This Giving Tuesday, you can help save lives at North York General Hospital

Andrea Ennis knows that life can change in an instant.

As the Clinical Team Manager in North York General Hospital’s Charlotte & Lewis Steinberg Emergency (ED), she has been part of so many transformative moments where life has hung in the balance.

This was the case for Sandra, who came to North York General Hospital’s ED because she was experiencing some weakness, fatigue and shortness of breath. She was alert and talking when, suddenly, she slumped in her hospital bed. Sandra’s heart had stopped beating mid-sentence.

In a blur, Sandra’s healthcare team rushed into action, shocking her heart, then bringing her back to life in mere seconds. The skilled physicians and nurses at North York General knew exactly what Sandra needed in that instant, giving her a second chance.

A few hours later as Sandra was stabilized and resting, a wide-eyed little boy bounced into her room and threw his arms around her. As Sandra hugged her grandson and ran her hands through his hair, identical smiles stretched across both of their faces. The urgent, life-saving care that Sandra received earlier meant that her grandson could have more special moments with her, just like this one.

Being part of stories like this is something Andrea and the rest of the North York General healthcare team never take for granted. Collectively, they work incredibly hard so that more lives like Sandra’s can be saved and families can be together. Donor support helps fund so much across the hospital, from new spaces to equipment and technology such as the defibrillator that restarted Sandra’s heart.

It’s not widely known that new and replacement equipment and capital projects within the hospital are not always paid for by the government. When hospital tools and technology reach the end of their lifespans or physical spaces need to be expanded and improved, the hospital depends on the community for help through donations.

Tuesday, Nov. 29 is Giving Tuesday, an international day of philanthropy that encourages giving back to the causes that matter. You can help by donating to support North York General. Your gift will be doubled by a generous donor, so you can have twice the impact.