This breathtaking banquet facility just won one of Toronto’s biggest awards

Streets of Toronto X Liberty Entertainment Group

The people have spoken. Liberty Grand, a Toronto event industry mainstay, recently clinched the prestigious Diamond Award for Best Banquet Facility at the 2023 Toronto Star >Readers’ Choice Awards.>

Recognizing excellence across categories including  entertainment, health and wellness and shopping, awards were presented in each, distinguishing Diamond, Platinum and Gold winners.>

Established in 1926 and meticulously revitalized in 2001 under the guidance of the Liberty Entertainment Group, the Liberty Grand stands as a historical and architectural gem.This esteemed venue caters to a diverse clientele, hosting events for A-list celebrities, sports personalities and industry leaders.>

Under the guidance of industry veteran Nick Di Donato, the Liberty Entertainment Group has continually transformed Toronto’s hospitality scene. With iconic venues such as Casa Loma, >BlueBlood Steakhouse> and the Michelin-starred >Don Alfonso 1890> in their diverse portfolio, their banquet facility, featuring four grand ballrooms, rightly deserves its acclaim.>

Liberty Grand’s latest win cements its status as an industry leader, extending beyond its impressive architecture and historical significance.This accolade speaks volumes about the venue’s commitment to excellence and enduring popularity among Toronto residents, who play a crucial role in choosing award winners through the Toronto Star Readers’ Choice Awards.>

Liberty Grand is more than just an award-winning venue; it’s the preferred choice for a variety of events, ranging from weddings to corporate functions. With its regal ambiance and top-notch hospitality, it stands out as a sought-after location. Partnering with Liberty Entertainment Group’s acclaimed restaurants ensures a culinary experience that is both sophisticated and delicious.>

Liberty Grand’s standing as the preferred choice for the elite in the entertainment world speaks volumes about its enduring legacy. For more than three decades, it has been the go-to venue for individuals seeking an exclusive and sophisticated atmosphere for their events.>

Curious to see what the excitement is about? Save the date for January 21, 2024. >Liberty Grand >is hosting an open house, welcoming the public to explore the venue’s grandeur, culinary excellence and historical charm. It’s a unique chance for potential clients and event planners to experience it firsthand.>

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