This brand new Australian cocktail bar and snack shop is making waves in T.O.

Ever crave a taste of Australia without hopping on a plane? Well, the wait is over — Electric Bill has just set up shop at 866 Bloor St. West, and it’s bringing the laid-back, cheeky Aussie vibes right to your doorstep.

Born and raised in Orange, Australia, co-owner Casey Ryan made the move to Toronto in 2010 to refine his bartending skills, culminating in his role as the head bartender at Civil Liberties. Following a recent visit to his hometown, Ryan was inspired to transport the best elements of the Australian bar scene to Canada. This vision took shape alongside Civil Liberties owners Nick Kennedy and Dave Huynh, giving birth to the concept of Electric Bill.


“I love Toronto, but there’s a certain Aussie vibe I’ve been missing. Electric Bill is my way of sharing that cheeky, relaxed atmosphere with this amazing city,” says Ryan. “It’s more than just cocktails and dishes; it’s about embracing the very essence of Australia’s food and beverage scene, Aussie slang included.”

Electric Bill doesn’t boast pretentiousness. Instead, it offers a casual, friendly environment, inviting patrons to savour a deliciously curated menu inspired by the Land Down Under. The venue pays homage to Australia’s iconic platypus, housing a 60-seat bar adorned with a menu that celebrates everything Oz. Cocktails like Banana Bender, Budgie Smuggler and Whiskey Apple, each with a nod to Aussie culture, steal the spotlight. The alcohol-free options cater to all preferences.

The snack menu is a menage of Aussie classics and inventive bites – from Australian hand pies and beef sausage rolls to grilled Napa cabbage and mushroom scallops.


“Our menu is flavour and ingredient driven – we juice fresh fruits for our cocktails, like the apples for the Whiskey Apple, and we change up our offerings seasonally to align with local produce,” says Ryan. “Our goal is to transport and captivate taste buds, while also being conscious of our environmental impact.

Adding to the charm is the design collaboration with Werribee Workshop, a Canadian-Australian design firm. Far from the clichéd Australian stereotypes, Electric Bill is an aesthetic blend of warm minimalism, chic wallpaper featuring native fauna and an eclectic vibe that mirrors the best bars in Sydney and Melbourne.

Electric Bill is open daily from 6 p.m. until 2 a.m.

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