There’s an out-of-this-world sauna and ice bath coming to Toronto

A modern bath house, a social club and a house of transformation. All terms used to describe Othership, a 50-person sauna, ice bath and tea room located at 425 Adelaide St. W.

Co-founder and CEO Robbie Bent said the space will offer guided facilitation for the hot + cold circuit, social hour and performances like breathwork, sound experiences and body-based movement. “We’ve created a healthy social experience that can serve as a substitute for bars that is both fun and accessible,” Bent states on his LinkedIn page.

Othership started as a side project – my close friends and I hosting ice-bath/sauna/meditation sessions in my backyard and then garage, ” Bent wrote on Twitter.

After three years spent working on this vision with many COVID-driven delays, the 3,000 square foot space set to open in early January is what Bent calls, “the first healthy social space in North American to work on experiencing positive emotions in a group.”

So, what exactly does all of this mean?

According to their website, Othership is a “vessel for transformation that invites us to collectively explore our extra-sensory faculties through the practicality and potency of the elements.”

Still not quite sure?

Guests will have the “chance to see and be seen” by opting for the 120 minute ‘Evening Social’ gathering, which will feature music and performances. There’s also a 75 minute ‘Free Flow’ class where participants alternate between hot and cold therapy for the chance to cultivate “the potential for insight and creating space to consciously shift shapes.” In addition, 60 minute classes will encompass a group sauna and ice bath experience with the purpose to “shift emotional states.”

Introductory pricing for new ‘journeyers’ is available at $99 for three sessions, while single drop-in visits are $55. Guided classes including breathwork will also be available. Under the new Ontario restrictions, saunas are closed, though personal care services are still able to operate at 50 per cent. It’s unclear what that will mean for Othership, which offers personal care options outside of the sauna.

This new physical space comes after the company’s recent launch of a breathwork app which includes more than 250 techno music tracks to help the user “wake up, wind down, regulate emotions, reduce anxiety and get trippy.”

While wellness trends have grown in popularity for a few years now, the pandemic has certainly solidified their places in our vocabulary. Traditional gym settings have expanded to include other “self-care” offerings on-site, such as luxury gym boutique Sweat and Tonic, which includes a workspace, café, bar and spa alongside regular fitness classes.

Othership, with its mission to expand traditional wellness activities to include social and “transformational” opportunities, might be capitalizing on this self-care trend.

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