The world’s largest ice rink located in Canada is closed due to lack of ice: reports the BBC

Known as the world’s largest outdoor ice rink, the Rideau Canal located in Ottawa could be facing an enormous challenge— due to lack of ice, the skateway could remain closed all season long . The culprit?  Unusually mild winter temperatures.

The iconic skating rink has been open each season since 1971. It winds its way through the heart of Ottawa over a total length of 7.8 kilometres, but it is unclear whether the skateway — a UNESCO World Heritage Site will be able to open this year.

According to the National Capital Commission (NCC) — the organization in charge of the Canal’s operations, the skateway will only open when a 30 cm thickness of good quality ice has formed. “To get there, our ice experts need about 10 to 14 consecutive days of temperatures between -10°C and -20°C” they state on their website.

Each year during the skating season — which typically runs from January to Early March, more than a million people visit the rink which connects Ottawa to Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence River. When open, the skateway is free and accessible seven days a week, 24 hours a day.

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“It’s going down as one of those unusual winters which are becoming more common I think with climate change and with this extreme variability that we see not just from month to month, but from season to season,” said Global News chief meteorologist Anthony Parnell.

Despite the mild temperatures, Toronto’s outdoor skating rinks are still up and running. You can check the city’s website to see if your neighbourhood rink is open.

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